Sunday, April 27, 2008

Get Paid Extremely Well For Advertising Your Own Business

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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Playing Field Has Leveled!

Yes, the Playing field has definitely leveled.

Here is an opportunity that everyone is making money with. Yep,
that's right everyone can make money. The only work you have to
do will take you about 15 minutes per day to do a simple task
and you will make money. before I go any farther let me ask
you some questions;

1.Would you like to work with a company and an owner who is
known for his integrity and business success?

2. Do you want someone that is committed to your success and not
just his own? As a matter of fact that is why he built this business.
It is for you and me.

3. Would you be comforted by the fact that there are at least 9 pages on Google
of Positive information about the CEO with no negative feedback?

3. Do you want a company that has hours of operation and has a physical
location with a phone number that you can call?

4. Would you be surprised to know that there are literally over 18000 people
already doing this and every single person that wants to has made money?

5. Would you want your money to work for you in a passive way?

6. Would you have any problem referring people to this business if you are making money? You do not have to, but maybe you have a friend or relative that could use
some money also.

There is a reputable attorney that has and continues to review the business plan to keep them legal. They are starting to move "off line" and target real businesses not just "Online Money Makers and Opportunity Seekers". Everything that I mentioned here is verifiable.and conclusive. This business has been around since 2006, and is getting stronger every day.

The question that you are probably thinking to ask right now is;

Well Thomas, how much money can I make?

Truthfully?, there are no limitations. Do I have your interest?

If you are sincerely interested and you have never made any money before in
a business, now is your chance. If you have made money in a business before,
than here is a way to make even more. The goal of the CEO of this business is
to make everyone that joins, financially secure. He has never failed at any of his past 3 Enterprises. They have all been very successful.

There is a contact form at the top left of this page, if you would like more information.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is Your Position On the Search Engines?

Monitoring Search Engine Positions

When you have your website appear high on the search
engines you will find your traffic increase accordingly.
When a person does a keyword search for your product
or service, and you have achieved high results for that search,
it is your responsibility to make sure you maintain that
high ranking. You worked diligently to achieve it, now you have to
make sure you are maintaining it.

Develop A Strategy

It is now time to develop a strategy to stay on the first page of the
search results. Obviously your goal if possible would be to obtain
the number one postion in the search results. Placing your keyword
and website on the first page is an excellent position. Nevertheless,
you have to keep your eye on it to make sure you do not slide to oblivion
and beyond(3rd Page Or lower).

There should be no concern regarding variations in your positions,
just as long as they are short term. This short term variation is usually
considered inherent or may be termed procedural as far as pertaining
to short term variations. It's the long-term change that you need to be
watchful for. Today's rank can become history tomorrow. Therefore
you need to develop a system whereby you closely monitor your positions
on a monthly basis.

How do Search Engines Rank Sites?

Examining how search engines are ranking websites is
a study that you need to keep up on a constant basis. Developing
a chart or graph to keep tabs on your keywords relating to your website
and there position on the search engines is extremely important

All search engines use formulas. They constantly change these formulas
so that they do not become obsolete and overused. Your keyword positions are keyed in
to a particular formula. Should this formula change, you may experience
a sudden drop or rise in your position. That is why it is key to have a graph or
chart as mentioned above. Frequently checking your positions is important
for the aforementioned reason.

Another factor that you have to consider, is your competition.
It is kind of like a see saw. When their position rises, your's
may go down...and vice versa. Be vigilant and at the beginning
or ending of each month, expect position changes. Your
competitiors website is going to change. you have to develop
a strategy to counterbalance any decreased rankings in your site.
closely watching these variations will provide you with critical
data. This will make you keenly aware of how to better your
website and increase your position in search engine positions.

The challenge of monitoring the top ten search engines has
to be effective. When they change, you have to recognize
how each one has effected your rankings. Google of course
is the leader. They are no doubt the guide post as to where
you should begin your monitoring. However, do not forget
that each one of them may change from month to month.

Even though Google is one of the top search engines, if not
the most popular, it doesn't mean that this fact may not change.
You must stay alert and keep an eye on the favorites. You may find
yourself making adjustments due to the whims of the majority of
the surfers.

Website Favorites

Each month, to see a current list of website favorites, go to

Plummeting Sites

Be very aware that a significant drop of your postions in all search engines
is a lot more than a warning. It is not the same as a monthly fluctuation.
There could be a number of reasons for this happening.

Did all your search engine postions drop out of sight?
Blame it on the spiders. Those are the terrible little mechanical
software programs that look for your site and rank your positions.
Has your site been down for modifications or any changes? When
the spider comes along and you are in the process of making
the necessary changes, you may actually experience your site
vanishing from a search engine index entirely. Did you change the
code? The spider may become baffled and the results may be a
disaster with your positions. It could be the formula has changed
and now your site is found to be unmeaning. Should that particular
search engine be a current front-runner with the public, it could
develop in a multiple disaster with all the search engines.

As mentioned earlier it has significant impact on who the favorite
search engine is each and every month. Search engines can change
ties with other engines which can create a displacement in
the georgraphy of the internet. Yahoo as an example usually displays
results taken from Google. This change in association can create
a shift in the landscape of the internet


Keywords are the foundation of the whole premise of search
engines. You have to examine and scrutinize your keyword
density if your positions have nose dived. It could mean that
your website has become inconspicuous to the search engine
spiders. That is, if you have a lot more content drowning out the keywords
that got you to the top in the first place. Perhaps your keyword
use is fine, but your competitor has a particular keyword or phrase
that has shot up like a bat out of hell into the very top rankings.
You have to promptly and expeditiously act to regain and anchor
yourself back into race.

You should be looking at SEO and search engine marketing as
and investiture with your website.

A strategic and vigilant eye on a consistent marketing campaign
should be looked at as any other advertising necessity. If you want
to keep on top of the rankings you have to make this a part of your
percentage of investing in your business. Without advertising an or
marketing your website is like pursuing the end of the
will never reach your goal. Keep your eye on the target and watch your
competitors. It is an investment and you should protect, or you will lose it.
That is in summary the competitive nature of the internet.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic For Blogging is About Creating Relationships

I have heard it said before. You can get more
traffic to your blog, by visiting other blogs in your
niche. When you create a relationship with the owner of
the other blog, find somthing in common with the
blog owner and leave a positive or constructive comment.

The most important ingredient in making comments
on someone's blog is sincerity. Otherwise you may sound
like someone that is just looking for traffic. That is the
worse thing that you could do. You will have wasted
your time and no doubt create ill will with the other
blogger. At the very least that person will not be visiting
your blog and neither will anyone else.

The point that I wish to make in the last paragraph is
that you need to hang around for a while to develop rapport
with your fellow blogger. Create a relationship
" People don't care how much you know ,
until they know how much you care"(unknown source quote)

There is a well know blog called LiveJournal. One of
the great features regarding live journal is their search
feature regarding individual interests. When you search
for any particular interest on their site, you will get results
for people that have that interest that you searched for.

Let's say you are interested in raising pedigreed dogs.
You will find other bloggers that are interested as well in raising
pedigreed dogs

Using the above for a reference, you can comment on the person's
post and than you can say, " I really enjoy raising pedigreed dogs
to. I had a similar situation as you described in your post.At that point
you can link it back to your blog/journal.

So go out and find blogs in your Niche and start to get to know

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home Based Business Opportunities For Writers

Home Based Business Opportunities For Writers

Since your reading this, you are very aware of your
writing skills. No matter what your writing abilities are
there are perhaps other Home based opportunities for
writers that you may not have considered

Are you creating most of your work online? Have you ever
thought of publishing your own ezine? Wrting an ezine can launch
you into a very lucrative business opportunity. You can start an
ezine with a very small investment. As an alternative for getting
the most out of your writing skills, you could start your own blog.
Whatever your niche is you can get your name and content out
through cyberland with a blog in a very quick manner.

Bloggers for hire are in demand. There are many businesses and
individuals that complement their websites through blogging. The
problem that they have is the time that it takes to update a blog.
That is where you come in as a professional writer(Blogger). You
may even take over adding content to the owner's website.
There are a number of wrting publications offline as well as online.
Do your favorite search engine search to discover some sources.

It goes without question that one of the best home based business
opportunities for any writer is freelancing. There are opportunities
galore if you are a freelancer. You can be a business correspondent,
ghostwrite books or Articles, write sales copy for a website and many
other different projects that are just too numerous to mention.
There is a website at where you can bid
on different writing jobs from all over the world.

You will find many home based business opportunities for writers on the
Internet. It just requires some research and searching. That is something
that should be in your area of expertise as a writer. One hand shakes the
other in this field. Quite complementary I would say...don't you think?

The only thing left is to find the areas where you can excel with your writing
skills and you will have found your writing niche.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is Insurance Necessary For A Home Based Business?

Having insurance is like saying;” It’s better to have it and not need it
Than to need it and not have it” Insurance is just one of those necessary
Expenses. Let’s discuss some determining factors regarding insurance.

When starting a home business you may want to check with your local,
State or county Business Licensing Division. It may be a requirement with
Your Local Government for you to obtain Liability insurance, particularly if
You have people coming to your home to transact business. This is another
Area in itself and may be prohibited by a number of municipalities. The emphasis
Here is for you to check and see what all the stipulations are about running
A business out of your home.

Do you plan on having any product relating to your business at your residence?
You may want to consider insuring your product for any potential loss, fire, theft,
Etc. Check with your insurance agent, to see if your homeowner’s insurance may
Cover this. Most of them do not. You may want to look into an umbrella type of
Policy for your home and business.

Do you have a vehicle that you use on a consistent basis for business?
Your rates may go up if that is the case. The benefit to the negative aspect
Of higher insurance rates are tax deductions. A business use of a vehicle is in fact
Tax deductible. This should tend to balance out the higher cost of Insurance.

When thinking about potential losses it is always a wise choice to stay on the safe
Side. I know there are different opinions regarding small business owners and the insurance expense they feel they do not need. Not having business insurance may or may not work depending on how expensive of a business inventory you are currently storing in your residence. You may want to consider and weigh all factors. You may find that this expense (insurance) can save you a bundle for unforeseen events that results in a negative impact on your cash flow.

The least you should do is to talk with your agent and discuss your business plans. Let the experts give you their advice, so that you as a potential Home based business owner can make a more informed decision.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Affiliate's Master Course

The Affiliate masters course has been called "The best information for succeeding as an Affiliate at any price"...And its' free.

The Affiliate Masters Course

A Free Way to Advertise Your Blog or Website

Here is a Way to Advertise a Blog or website

Do you have a blog or website? Do you need more exposure?
There are a number of ways to gain some free advertising.

Here is One:

There is one way that you may not have considered that
you probably do all the time. When you make a post to forums
or send emails, you no doubt use your signature after
those communications. Why not put your link to your
blog or website in those communications?

Have you ever thought how many times that you send out
an email every day? No doubt more times than you can count.
Next time make sure that you ad your signature with your website
or blog's url. If the forum(s) you belong to allow signatures,
don't forget yours.

Signatures should be short...but catchy. As with all
advertising, a signature is just that;A short ad.

What kind of blog or website do you have? Think of something unusual
or interesting to get people to click on your URL in your
signature to get them to come to your blog and or Website.

As in Advertising the subject or headline is the key.
It will either get people to click on the url, or it will
send them away. Now is the time to get your creative
thinking cap on and see what you can do to create
interest in your site, letting your signature lead
the way

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Was Unable to Post

Dear subscribers,

Sorry about the lack of posts, but it was out of my control.

You see, I was the victim of automation. The robots of froze my site since April 2nd. of 2008. The non living creatures accused me of spamming my blog. Which of course was entirely false. As anyone could see I was here everyday, creating my own posts.

I did not find this out until April 3rd. of 2008. I immediately put in for an appeal to a live human being. Unfortunately, I can well imagine that they are very busy folks. That is unfortunate for me, but great for them...job security you know-:)

It was only suppose to take them a couple of days to get a live human being to my site. However, as you can see this is my first day I was able to post since April 2nd. The fact that I was not spamming my site, had to be verified by a person from Spamming in this case is to have a software program supposedly making updates so that the ad sense ads can make money for these folks on many such blogs.

I was never contacted by anyone from Google that my site was back-up. I just arrived a little while ago to see that they had to be here today, and released my blog from blogger's prison.

I had no idea exactly how the robots determined that I was suppose to be spamming, but obviously it is something that the technical staff at Google are still working on the glitches to protect the innocent!

Anyhow, I see that most people hung in there with me, but there were a great number that left also. Oh well, such is life in blog city.

See ya tomorrow!

Thomas Zimmerman

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Warning!! Watch Where You Are Placing Your Advetisements

SBI! Traffic Test

With Any Business You Need a Website. Why Not go With a Host That Helps You receive Traffic? SBI! sites are largely in the Top 3% for traffic! Just click the Site Build it banner to find out more

There are people that are unscrupulous, so be careful you do not allow yourself to fall into the trap that Google is watching out for. This article is about the few that hurt the most.
Watch Where You Are Placing Your Advertisements...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Home Business Idea

Site Build It!

With Any Business You Need a Website. Why Not go With a Host That Helps You receive Traffic? SBI! sites are largely in the Top 3% for traffic! Just click the Site Build it banner to find out more .

Lighting Design

Here is another home business idea involving lighting design. Whether you start this business for residential or commercial clients. You will be installing lights in backyards, walkways, lampposts, security light, decorative lights around pools and gardens, etc.

You buy the goods wholesale and then resell them to your clients for a profit.

Check out what's on the market and go to the yellow pages to see how much competition you have in your area. Devise a good strategy and watch the profits flow with your new home business.

A few Points Regarding Affiliate Marketing.

Knowledge is always the key to any enterprise. Affiliate marketing is no different.Everyone that is new to this business wants instant success,instant riches, and to quit their day job tomorrow. They are soon rudely awakened by the truth. There is no easy road to riches, just dedication, discipline and hard work and the knowledge to get it done the most efficient way possible.

One of the problems that promote this attitude regarding the Affiliate marketing riches syndrome is the fact that affiliate marketing is widely advertised as one of the easiest methods to make money on the web. The seasoned Affiliate marketer knows that there are methods or tools to conduct a successful Affiliate marketing business. Below I would like to discuss a few that come to mind.

One of the first steps you need to take is having your own website. Constructing a relevant content, keyword, spider friendly website, is the start of one of your many marketing efforts. It is very important to have your website laid out in such a way that will be easy to navigate. Your job is to have A website that will attract the reader to your content.The keyword or phrase they used in their search, which ultimately brought them to your site,is what they are expecting in regards to the information that they were seeking. At that point, how well you have your sight designed, to get them to click on the links to the affiliate products, that you are presenting for sale, will have a direct bearing on your efforts and ultimate sales. The end result should be that you have enough affiliate relevant products or services that will fulfill your readers needs.

Why should they buy from your website?

Building credibility is one of the key elements to create sales.You can write some good articles that can make you appear to be an expert in your field. You can give away free software, opt-in email lists, and direct them to effective free advertising. Competition is what makes any business better. It should enable you to be one up on your competitors to ensure that your sales equate to the effort that you endure. The question you need to ask yourself is this; Would I buy from me if I was a visitor to my website? Be critical, have your spouse, relatives, and friends visit your website. Get their opinion. Ask them if they were looking for the product or affiliate site your representing, would they buy from your site? If yes, find out what attracted them to make the purchase. If no, find out what you can do to make improvements. Make sure that you have something to offer to get them to sign up for your ezine, newsletter or email list. An email list is an excellent tool for future sales. A double-opt-in list is a priority.

The importance of linking.

Search engine traffic is something you should strive to achieve. When you have targeted keywords, it is like the movie "field of dreams;", "build it and they will come. "Seo is very important when attracting traffic to your site. Building great back links is another factor. Search engines such as Google will determine the page rank of your site based on the number of higher ranking websites that link back to you. It is wise to ascertain relevant back links. The second in importance would be linking back to relevant sites. When I say relevant, be sure that the sites you link to and link back to you are relevant to your content. Google, yahoo, msn and other search engines tend to smite you if your selling roofing and the website you are linking to sells books or videos.

Another way to get back links to your site is to write articles. This is a whole new realm within itself. The more articles that you write that are accepted for publication, the more back links you will receive. The possibility of exposure goes up exponentially according to the quality of articles that you write.

One of the largest places on the internet to get the exposure and to write these articles for submission is Ezine articles. I would start with this group first. If your article is good enough it will be picked up by other sources for distribution.

The great benefit that you receive is you are allowed to keep an article resource box with your information. This is your content and cannot be duplicated without this resource box. Make sure you enter your necessary information in this area.

It is best to go to and sign up and read their requirements. You will gain knowledge regarding how well this method can be used for your promotions.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, but as with any endeavor it requires great advertising and marketing techniques.The Internet is an ever changing environment that can lead to instant riches and wealth. Do not be deceived into thinking that it can always happen overnight. Most individuals have to put in the sweat and elbow grease to attain the smallest amount of income. There is an old saying; "build a better mousetrap and people will buy it". The internet does by the chronicles of history, tends to evolve in much the same manner.