Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is Your Position On the Search Engines?

Monitoring Search Engine Positions

When you have your website appear high on the search
engines you will find your traffic increase accordingly.
When a person does a keyword search for your product
or service, and you have achieved high results for that search,
it is your responsibility to make sure you maintain that
high ranking. You worked diligently to achieve it, now you have to
make sure you are maintaining it.

Develop A Strategy

It is now time to develop a strategy to stay on the first page of the
search results. Obviously your goal if possible would be to obtain
the number one postion in the search results. Placing your keyword
and website on the first page is an excellent position. Nevertheless,
you have to keep your eye on it to make sure you do not slide to oblivion
and beyond(3rd Page Or lower).

There should be no concern regarding variations in your positions,
just as long as they are short term. This short term variation is usually
considered inherent or may be termed procedural as far as pertaining
to short term variations. It's the long-term change that you need to be
watchful for. Today's rank can become history tomorrow. Therefore
you need to develop a system whereby you closely monitor your positions
on a monthly basis.

How do Search Engines Rank Sites?

Examining how search engines are ranking websites is
a study that you need to keep up on a constant basis. Developing
a chart or graph to keep tabs on your keywords relating to your website
and there position on the search engines is extremely important

All search engines use formulas. They constantly change these formulas
so that they do not become obsolete and overused. Your keyword positions are keyed in
to a particular formula. Should this formula change, you may experience
a sudden drop or rise in your position. That is why it is key to have a graph or
chart as mentioned above. Frequently checking your positions is important
for the aforementioned reason.

Another factor that you have to consider, is your competition.
It is kind of like a see saw. When their position rises, your's
may go down...and vice versa. Be vigilant and at the beginning
or ending of each month, expect position changes. Your
competitiors website is going to change. you have to develop
a strategy to counterbalance any decreased rankings in your site.
closely watching these variations will provide you with critical
data. This will make you keenly aware of how to better your
website and increase your position in search engine positions.

The challenge of monitoring the top ten search engines has
to be effective. When they change, you have to recognize
how each one has effected your rankings. Google of course
is the leader. They are no doubt the guide post as to where
you should begin your monitoring. However, do not forget
that each one of them may change from month to month.

Even though Google is one of the top search engines, if not
the most popular, it doesn't mean that this fact may not change.
You must stay alert and keep an eye on the favorites. You may find
yourself making adjustments due to the whims of the majority of
the surfers.

Website Favorites

Each month, to see a current list of website favorites, go to

Plummeting Sites

Be very aware that a significant drop of your postions in all search engines
is a lot more than a warning. It is not the same as a monthly fluctuation.
There could be a number of reasons for this happening.

Did all your search engine postions drop out of sight?
Blame it on the spiders. Those are the terrible little mechanical
software programs that look for your site and rank your positions.
Has your site been down for modifications or any changes? When
the spider comes along and you are in the process of making
the necessary changes, you may actually experience your site
vanishing from a search engine index entirely. Did you change the
code? The spider may become baffled and the results may be a
disaster with your positions. It could be the formula has changed
and now your site is found to be unmeaning. Should that particular
search engine be a current front-runner with the public, it could
develop in a multiple disaster with all the search engines.

As mentioned earlier it has significant impact on who the favorite
search engine is each and every month. Search engines can change
ties with other engines which can create a displacement in
the georgraphy of the internet. Yahoo as an example usually displays
results taken from Google. This change in association can create
a shift in the landscape of the internet


Keywords are the foundation of the whole premise of search
engines. You have to examine and scrutinize your keyword
density if your positions have nose dived. It could mean that
your website has become inconspicuous to the search engine
spiders. That is, if you have a lot more content drowning out the keywords
that got you to the top in the first place. Perhaps your keyword
use is fine, but your competitor has a particular keyword or phrase
that has shot up like a bat out of hell into the very top rankings.
You have to promptly and expeditiously act to regain and anchor
yourself back into race.

You should be looking at SEO and search engine marketing as
and investiture with your website.

A strategic and vigilant eye on a consistent marketing campaign
should be looked at as any other advertising necessity. If you want
to keep on top of the rankings you have to make this a part of your
percentage of investing in your business. Without advertising an or
marketing your website is like pursuing the end of the rainbow...you
will never reach your goal. Keep your eye on the target and watch your
competitors. It is an investment and you should protect, or you will lose it.
That is in summary the competitive nature of the internet.

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