Monday, December 31, 2007

One Post Equals Millions Of Links


FFAs as we know it are dead.The search engines not only ignore them,now they penalize you for having links of fleeting FFA pages.You know the ones.After getting your link on the page a few hours later they get deleted.Not so with the FFAfarm,the oldest FFA site on the Internet.The biggest challenge with the old method FFAs is they drop your link after 100 or so others have posted.This makes your link virtually useless.By the time the search engine robots check the page,your link has disappeared.Not so with FFAfarm.

FFAfarm's sister site,FREEffas gives away ffa systems for free.Not the others.
They charge you for a fully optimized system.NOTE:None of our systems use ANNOYING popup or popunder pages, drop adware,spyware or hijack your browsers when you visit.Plus there is no advertising clutter either.Your link stays on the FFAfarm indefinitely. Assuring better link integrity by leaving a permanent link to your site,the search engine robots will reward you with better rankings.

After a category fills to 100 links, a separate html page with your link is spawned and served indefinitely from our system. Thereby guaranteeing your link a lifetime on the Internet.

So, we really aren't a traditional FFA type system. Think of us as a permanent link system. The only limitation is you can not add the same URL twice on the same page. But once the page spawns and a new page is made available, you can link again and again.

When you submit to our system, your submitting to 25,000 plus sites as well.So with one submission, you get 25,000 unique web urls pointing to your site.Pretty good link popularity,don't you think? Extortion marketing at work, for free.

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Veretekk Traffic Portal

The Traffic Portal's main objective is to produce highly qualified entrepreneurial prospects that arrive in an exclusive relationship to the Veretekk subscriber. By offering products and services of real value to prospects you are able to passively initiate positive relationships with other people, and in so doing broaden your personal sphere of influence. This allows you to build trust and credibility with your prospects rather than forcing your sales pitch on them from the start.

This all important one on one relationship marketing paradigm is what you have before you today. This new generation of Portals exploits the very essence of viral marketing making each portal extremely attractive to the Internet entrepreneur by rewarding them for aggressively distributing your Portals to the masses.

Each Traffic Portal is a uniquely crafted, valuable to it's particular market. At the core, is your "Portal Marketing Center" designed to enable your ability to easily put your "Traffic Portals" into the main stream of the Internet culture. Every portal is designed to benefit unique vertical markets. By building a large portfolio of diverse services and sites, your sphere of influence grows exponentially within the expanding market of the Internet. Thus achieving a well established yet diverse distribution throughout the Internet social dichotomies.

One does not have to be an academic professional nor have deep philosophical beliefs to recognize the benefit that these Portals represent. By re-establishing credibility as the way business is conducted, character, once again becomes the central theme in the orchestration of commerce.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Webcatch Web Directory

Webcatch Portal:

The world's first and only self replicating web directory.
Webcatch is a Yahoo style directory that receives 1000s of submissions from around the world. Webcatch receives submissions through thousands of individual replicated subscriber's Webcatch sites:

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SEO Portal Technology!

Specifically designed to help you dominate the search engines, SEO portals give you full control over the critical content for seach engine marketing without all the fuss of lead generation normally associated with other Veretekk portals.

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Veremail Your Last Stop For Email Campaigns

Why Choose Veremail?

After all, there are other online email systems out there.
Simply put, the difference is that Veremail offers you more
value for less money...

Unlimited Autoresponders:

You can set up as many different sequential email sets as you
want. Each email set can contain an unlimited number of emails
and be configured to send them out with whatever frequency you

Flexible Email Content:

Messages can can be plain text or HTML. You can include images,
style scripts, submission forms, even Flash designs if you like.
Veremail supports all campaigns.

Unlimited Email Broadcasts:

Perform unlimited email campaigns to your contact database
anytime you like. Broadcasts can be scheduled to have emails go
out on specific dates over a period of time and can include HTML
and/or plain text. You will see that this is your last stop to end
all your email concerns.

Unlimited Email Groups:

You can organize your contacts into an unlimited number of email
groups. This allows you to perform targeted email campaigns to
specific cross sections of your database. Each group you create
allows comes with its own HTML code that you can copy and paste
into any web site you want for people to subscriber to your
newsletter. Veremail shows you the way and delivers exactly what
you need to make your last campaign the best ever.

100% Guaranteed Delivery:

Veremail is the only system that has historically proven to be
able to get your email delivered. How? Years of diligent effort
combined with investments in political lobists. Other systems
are constantly being blacklisted by local ISPs or large
anti-Spam services like SpamCop or Spamhaus.This results in only
a small fraction of your email getting delivered.Veremail has
been acknowledged to be 100% Spam proof and its reputation
proceeds it.Plus the system contains technology that allows you
to monitor deliverability yourself for each email blast you
perform.No other service can come close to Veremail's delivery

Find out more,because there is so much for a very small price My
website below explains it all in a very easy to read website.

Unlimited Autoresponders,Follow-up Emails,

Email Broadcasting,and Live Customer Support from the Industry
Leader since 1993!

Professional studies have found that it takes 5-7 or more
advertising exposures before a prospect will actually make a
purchase.With Veremail's unlimited autoresponders and unlimited
follow up email system, your opt-in prospects will automatically
receive your message 5-7 times(or more) over a period of days,
weeks,and months when they request information from you.Veremail
will save you time and money,but also increase your sales
conversion rate,maximize your marketing efforts,keep you
organized,and increase your profits.Most importantly, Veremail
allows you to build a sphere of influence passively by
consistently keeping you in front of your customers.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Win A Free Computer

Win a Free Computer from the leaders of Internet Marketing.

Click Here to win monthly. Free computers? That's right, a free computer as well as many types of peripherals.

Why would we do this? Because we want your attention, we want your information,with your permission of course, so we can talk with you.We do not sell your information. We will email or call you. No one else will ever receive your information. It's called privacy. Now, why in the world do we want to talk to you? Because we have information you can use. What do you use your computer for? Looking for information of course. But what do you really use your computer for. Sending emails to your friends? Playing games? Looking at pictures? Basically wasting your valuable time in our opinion.

I don't mean to insult you,But we use our computers to make money, serious money using the Internet. And we are successful at doing this. This is why we can afford to give a free computer away every month. And occasionally give a free peripheral away too.

We often buy cool peripherals and when we get a 2 for one deal, we give one away and it could be you.

You must wonder what we have to say to you when you register for a free PC contest. We have been on the Internet way before the dot com bust. Doing our due diligence making good income. We actually started building this system before Al Gore invented the Internet (sic).

One of our members made $300,000.00 this month at the time I am writing this. Another one of our members is a burned out welder from Texas who is consistently bringing in $30,000 per month for his services.

By joining our organization(click here) you will meet them. They are live trainers and you can talk with them when you join.

What does this have to do with you? Do you want to achieve a greater income spending your time on the Internet? We just want to inform you of what we have learned. We are willing to award you a free PC just for the opportunity to make this information that really works, available.

If you can make your PC work for you building real income, then you, like us, can get out of the rat race of having a job. Fair enough? Go to my site and see what there is and maybe, just maybe, you will win a free PC. But even better, you will be given the information that when applied, will build you an income that might, just might, take you into a new level if income that will make your current job obsolete.

That my friend is real freedom!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Oldest Classifieds On The Net

First Family Classifieds system is the world's leading provider
of online classified ads. In this fast growing market, First
Family is the only serious choice for online classifieds, and
the only classified ad system that runs on hundreds of servers,
it is the oldest running system on the Internet, allows remote
submissions and has over 30,000 individual classified sites and
continues to grow exponentially.

First Family classifieds offers free advertisement for business opportunities, personal ads, automobiles, real estate, and much more. Place your ads in more than 30,000 sites. There is no limit to the number of free ads you can post. Renew them as many times as you want.

Why Internet classifieds? What is one of "the most popular" traditional marketing tools used by small business to reach HUGE audiences with minimal investment? Classified Advertising! Why Newspaper Classifieds Are Joining the Migration to the Internet Knowing that classifieds draw targeted consumers,the Web and ISP portals offered free classifieds long before newspapers thought of putting their content and their classifieds online. They were the first to figure out what grabs eyeballs..the -classifieds.

The online portals also had another advantage - traffic. With over
19 million subscribers, AOL is the single largest port of entry
to proprietary content as well as to the Internet.

Google!, the Internet's largest search engine and portal, offers classifieds at the metropolitan level, successfully competing with
traditional newspapers.

Classified advertising is not only a valuable marketing tool offline, it is also a powerful way to reach thousands of potential customers and generate incredible profits ONLINE… all with none, or very little investment!

There are all kinds of predictions about what the on-line medium will mean for the future, but one thing is certain: It's a medium
made for classified listings--i.e., for helping people
effectively buy and sell things. Web search engines will enable
a user to quickly search for the job listings, homes for sale
and available automobiles.

Because classifieds represent 38 percent of most dailies' advertising revenue, the coming era of Web classifieds is being met with major concern from mainstream newspapers. When people ask, "How will individuals without access to a computer get these classifieds?" The audience will follow the database. If the best classified database is on the Web, somebody will find a way to make money providing that information to people, maybe even by printing out classified listings at Kinko's. That is why, during the next 10 years, the Web will effectively eliminate classified advertising as the most significant revenue source the newspaper dailies have. And....1-Family Classifieds is one of the oldest and most established classifieds on the Internet.

The best thing is it is absolutely free to place as many ads as you want. Got something to sell or say? I am sure you do. Give us a try. You might be surprised at what you find there!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Money Machine


SINCE 1993 Some refer to us as the Noah's Arc of today!
Why?...Because this system is designed to empower the
self-employed, underemployed, unemployed, unemployable, senior
citizen, disabled, single parents and the disenfranchised of our

Money-Machine.Network's primary purpose is to help you learn and
empower you to develop an alternative form of income. It is not
a dream anymore, it is a reality. Login to our Survey and find
out why all the others still don't get it.

Your time is valuable. That's exactly why I urge you to take a
brief moment to take this tour that can help you take control of
your life and become financially free at the same time! The only
way to become truly wealthy is to be in business for yourself!
Don’t waste another minute! Start your own home business so you
live life to its fullest!

Never before has it been so simple! I can show you how to: Start
a reputable home-based business now and let an automated system
do the work for you! Succeed by spending just 7-10 hours a week
and earn a lifetime walk-away residual income! Simply go to my
website for the full details! Or send me an email if you need
assistance at:

Thanks, Thomas Zimmerman

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Better Than Superbowl Advertising


Pay Per Play is a brief audio advertisement that is purchased by
major branding and direct response content advertisers on a "per
play" basis. This is a new way for advertisers (Like Harley
Davidson or Taco Bell) to serve a 5 second audio advertisement
to website visitors. Pay Per Play caters to an audience that is
larger than radio, television and print media combined.

The ad performance is measurable and can be targeted by
demographics, phsychographics and geographic location. Are you
looking for residual income? Pay Per Play can add residual
streams of income to your bank account. This is advertising that
will pay you on 100% of your website traffic… NO CLICKS
NECESSARY. Pay Per Play ads are destined to become the
preferred internet income method for webmasters over the coming months.

The goal of Pay Per Play Advertising is to become the largest
advertising medium the world has ever known and according to Pay
Per Play sources, they say that they are getting close after
just 3 weeks. PPP works on a bid management system similar to
Google AdWords and compensates publishers (web site owners) just
like Google AdSense but with one critical difference… Publishers
(website owners) earn revenue on 100% of their traffic, not just
ads that are clicked on.

I rarely get excited about a new service, as I am now. Pay Per
Play caters to an audience that is larger than radio, television
and print media combined.

We are talking about a new platform with good potential and all
indicators are forecasting that this is set to rock the
internet. Will it become as big as PPC and does it have the
potential to take a big slice of the PPC & CPM market? Only
time will tell as history always dictates. It does appear that
Pay Per Play will become one of the most memorable, and
profitable full scale launches in the history of ecommerce. The
Administrators at Pay Per Play are offering a solution for
major advertisers to reach their audience through a massive
listening network. The cost of the Pay per play ads will run on
an automated bid management system similar to Google AdWords.

According to sources in just 3 weeks the network has grown from
500,000 websites to over 3 million which is estimated to extend
the reach of NetAudioAds Pay Per Play by more than 100 million
audio ad plays per day. If you’ve read this far take the time
to read the promotional page for Pay Per Play.

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eTracking: Your Very Own Search Engine!


Chaos theory combined with viral technology makes this a leading edge traffic portal. This site can easily become a massive verified lead generator for free. It is self replicating, comes with live training and runs on over 200 servers. This
technology is exclusive to Inetekk the inventors of Veretekk. Veretekk is 10 years ahead of any type of lead generating and lead system on the Internet today. If you want your own eTracking system it is free.If you want a portfolio of lead generators
like eTracking then you need to join Veretekk.

Inetekk has been building lead and marketing systems on the Internet since 1998. Inetekk was created by Thomas Prendergast and Mike Darling. With a combined expertise that started when the Internet was born in 1991, these guys represent over 200,000 hours of Internet and computer technology and have set the standard for Internet marketing.

Developers of the first and only double opt in, verified and 3rd party verifiability email systems, Inetekk forged the only secure privacy based email system on the Internet.Inventors of the first online application,first self replicating website and first self replicating PDF ebooks.

This company has been destined to empower the little guy from it's very inception.You have everything to gain subscribing for free.If your interested in a real solid and easily built income, this is that place!

eTracking doesn't just give you a free search engine - we hand you an entire system. We give a crisply designed website that will draw people into submitting their own web sites. We also provide you with clips of HTML code that can be used to perform remote submissions (as well as your own URL to give to submission services to add to their list).

Remember,the more web sites submited to your search engine, the more leads generated for you. eTracking also includes a secure Control Panel where you and only you will be able access your leads.The control panel includes all important contact information about the lead itself such as their name, email address and the dates
of your last contact towards them. With the leads at your disposal you can now seriously promote your opportunity to them.

However,the most significant feature of eTracking is that it's absolutely, positively,totally FREE. eTracking is the world's first self replicating search engine demand for it is HUGE! We could easily be charging from $17.95 to $50 a month for the same service we offer you for free. We truly want you to succeed - changing the way you think about search engine marketing is a huge step in the right direction!

The New Era...

Ready or not - it is here. Stop wasting all of your time and money trying to get your web site listed in the Top 10. A New Era has arrived in search engine marketing! Don't be left behind and stranded with other free search engines that will inevitably appear in the months to come. We are the first! We know this business! And, most importantly - we'll give it to you for free.

Start earning the profits that you dream of by setting up your new search engine with click the Get Yours button and submit the form and a verification email will be sent to you confirming your username and password. Then by clicking the link on the email verification you will immediately be sent to the sign-in page, where you can enter and view your control panel.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Submit to 12 Million

FREE! Live Ad Submission Service

Blastomatic is an effective, yet FREE online ad submission
service that will submit 12 million of your ads, in less than
ten minutes, to all the major free classified ad sites, link
sites, and boards across the Internet. Enter your ad, sit
back, and watch as your ad is submitted live to Adlandpro,
1America, 5Starads, Ablewise, ClassifiedsForFree,
BestMall, L:inks2u, FFAnet, DTL Network, Websitings and

many more well known major ad sites.

No software to download.
No waiting; immediate real-time submissions.
WYSIWYG - watch submissions and responses live.
only real major classified ad sites.
all categories supported - biz opps,
health, auto, computer, pets, etc.
membership and login sites supported
major link sites.
submission success reports and verification.

Quit wasting hours, even days, manually submitting your
ads to the free classifieds. To submit one classified ad to
over 150 classified by hand will take you all day. This
system submits to 12 million in less than 5 minutes!

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Free Vacation Getaway


If you were shown a way to make all your dreams come true, would
you at least want to take a serious look at it and gather all the facts?

To receive your FREE Vacation Package, please fill out the
small survey found at the website below.

You will need to input your personal information
to receive your vacation coupons here online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We need to be able to contact you in
order to issue you your vacation coupon vouchers.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Paid On 100% Of Your Website Traffic Utilizing PPP Advertising

100% Free Opportunity Earning off of your own website(s). Find out how to Earn by referring others. Now this is not only limited to referring others, placing a snippet of code on your website will turn your visitors into a play and pay visitors just for the fact that they came to your site.

This is a limited Opportunity and will be closing soon. Don't miss this breakthrough technology that provides you with Massive Residual Income. Advertising is important to success in any business We as website owners just have to find effective ways to promote our sites.

This is about PPP advertising or Pay Per Play. More television and radio advertisers recognize that more people are spending more time on the internet.Unlike Adsense, or Google pay per click... now a Website owner will get paid for every visit to his/her website. Pay per play will be unobtrusive as the website surfer will hear the ad rather than see it. Therefore producing a more effective form of advertising.

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