Monday, April 14, 2008

I Was Unable to Post

Dear subscribers,

Sorry about the lack of posts, but it was out of my control.

You see, I was the victim of automation. The robots of froze my site since April 2nd. of 2008. The non living creatures accused me of spamming my blog. Which of course was entirely false. As anyone could see I was here everyday, creating my own posts.

I did not find this out until April 3rd. of 2008. I immediately put in for an appeal to a live human being. Unfortunately, I can well imagine that they are very busy folks. That is unfortunate for me, but great for them...job security you know-:)

It was only suppose to take them a couple of days to get a live human being to my site. However, as you can see this is my first day I was able to post since April 2nd. The fact that I was not spamming my site, had to be verified by a person from Spamming in this case is to have a software program supposedly making updates so that the ad sense ads can make money for these folks on many such blogs.

I was never contacted by anyone from Google that my site was back-up. I just arrived a little while ago to see that they had to be here today, and released my blog from blogger's prison.

I had no idea exactly how the robots determined that I was suppose to be spamming, but obviously it is something that the technical staff at Google are still working on the glitches to protect the innocent!

Anyhow, I see that most people hung in there with me, but there were a great number that left also. Oh well, such is life in blog city.

See ya tomorrow!

Thomas Zimmerman

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