Friday, April 18, 2008

Traffic For Blogging is About Creating Relationships

I have heard it said before. You can get more
traffic to your blog, by visiting other blogs in your
niche. When you create a relationship with the owner of
the other blog, find somthing in common with the
blog owner and leave a positive or constructive comment.

The most important ingredient in making comments
on someone's blog is sincerity. Otherwise you may sound
like someone that is just looking for traffic. That is the
worse thing that you could do. You will have wasted
your time and no doubt create ill will with the other
blogger. At the very least that person will not be visiting
your blog and neither will anyone else.

The point that I wish to make in the last paragraph is
that you need to hang around for a while to develop rapport
with your fellow blogger. Create a relationship
" People don't care how much you know ,
until they know how much you care"(unknown source quote)

There is a well know blog called LiveJournal. One of
the great features regarding live journal is their search
feature regarding individual interests. When you search
for any particular interest on their site, you will get results
for people that have that interest that you searched for.

Let's say you are interested in raising pedigreed dogs.
You will find other bloggers that are interested as well in raising
pedigreed dogs

Using the above for a reference, you can comment on the person's
post and than you can say, " I really enjoy raising pedigreed dogs
to. I had a similar situation as you described in your post.At that point
you can link it back to your blog/journal.

So go out and find blogs in your Niche and start to get to know

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