Friday, April 25, 2008

The Playing Field Has Leveled!

Yes, the Playing field has definitely leveled.

Here is an opportunity that everyone is making money with. Yep,
that's right everyone can make money. The only work you have to
do will take you about 15 minutes per day to do a simple task
and you will make money. before I go any farther let me ask
you some questions;

1.Would you like to work with a company and an owner who is
known for his integrity and business success?

2. Do you want someone that is committed to your success and not
just his own? As a matter of fact that is why he built this business.
It is for you and me.

3. Would you be comforted by the fact that there are at least 9 pages on Google
of Positive information about the CEO with no negative feedback?

3. Do you want a company that has hours of operation and has a physical
location with a phone number that you can call?

4. Would you be surprised to know that there are literally over 18000 people
already doing this and every single person that wants to has made money?

5. Would you want your money to work for you in a passive way?

6. Would you have any problem referring people to this business if you are making money? You do not have to, but maybe you have a friend or relative that could use
some money also.

There is a reputable attorney that has and continues to review the business plan to keep them legal. They are starting to move "off line" and target real businesses not just "Online Money Makers and Opportunity Seekers". Everything that I mentioned here is verifiable.and conclusive. This business has been around since 2006, and is getting stronger every day.

The question that you are probably thinking to ask right now is;

Well Thomas, how much money can I make?

Truthfully?, there are no limitations. Do I have your interest?

If you are sincerely interested and you have never made any money before in
a business, now is your chance. If you have made money in a business before,
than here is a way to make even more. The goal of the CEO of this business is
to make everyone that joins, financially secure. He has never failed at any of his past 3 Enterprises. They have all been very successful.

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