Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vacation 4 Free

Vacation 4 Free:

Give away free 3 day/2 night vacations.
Visitors can choose from a wide range of destinations.
You simply sign up and print our the PDF coupon to get
the free vacation

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Reliable Internet access and profit potential combined!
Unlimited High Speed Internet Access or Lightening Fast DSL!
ISP-4-FREE gives you access to a powerful Internet Service
Provider with a profitable affiliate program to boot.
You'll receive outstanding ISP service and make money doing it!

Internet Service Includes:

-- Unlimited Internet Access
over 3,400 dial-up numbers nationwide
-- High Speed Dial-Up Account
five times faster than regular dial-up
-- DSL now available as well!
-- Your Own Affiliate Website
-- Your Own Affiliate E-Mail Account
-- POP-UP Blocker
-- Spam Blocker
-- Virus Protection
-- Your Own Turn Key-Business
-- 24/7 Technical Support Monthly
-- Plus...

A Very Lucrative Affiliate Program!

The fact is, everyone who uses the Internet needs an ISP.
You're probably paying a company for access to the
Internet right now yourself. Why not get paid yourself instead
and share in the revenue?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The tool is called Blastomatic. Blastomatic is a Free, and Very Effective online Ad Submission Service. This tool is so effective that you can submit your ads to 12 million sites in less than 10 minutes?

It would take you many hours if not days to submit to all the major free classified ad sites, link sites, and boards across the Internet.

All you have to do is; enter your ad, and just watch how quickly and efficiently your ad will be submitted to sites such as: Adlandpro,1America,5Starads,Ablewise,classifiedsForFree,Bestmall, Links2u, FFAnet, DTL Network, Websitings and tons of other Major ad sites.

Some of the great Features that Blastomatic has is; There is no software to download. No waiting; immediate real-time submissions. WYSIWYG-watch your submissions and responses in real time.

Ads will be submitted to only real major classified ad sites.All major categories are supported such as-biz opps, health,auto, computer, pets, etc.

Membership is Free. Login is supported at these sites using the Blastomatic system.

You can see success reports and at some sites all you have to do is verify your submission. This can be easily accomplished using Microsoft's Outlook Express. The Blastomatic tool helps increase your contact base in order to help market any business more effectively...or any other Interest you desire to promote.

When using Blast-O-Matic, millions of links pointing to any website will be created automatically! One way of increasing ranking in the search engines and increasing the number of hits you get to your site is to use blastomatic on a continual basis.The more this tremendous tool is used, the more links pointing to any website will be created.

Let's put all this in proper perspective. Imagine submitting manually one classified ad to 150 sites. This would take all day. This system will submit to 12 million sites in less than 10 minutes.
This is obviously a spectacular way to advertise.

There are alot of companies that would charge a fee for this high tech service. The owners of this tool vow to keep this service free.

Blastomatic can be used as a gift to email lists, MLM, etc. This tool can help get more emails opened because people just love to get something for Free.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Could This be The Perfect Marketing System?

What if you had something that you owned that other people
wanted to own it too? I mean not that they just liked it or
were only a little bit interested...I am saying they REALLY,
REALLY wanted it.

Now let's take it one step farther. Let's say that the
item that you have is something everyone, I mean everyone on
the planet Earth was interested in. This creation that you
have, it's not only for a niche that just some people have
interest in, I am saying you have something that every
single person would like to get this from you if you own it.

Now obviously in the real world this would not happen.
However, when it comes to giving in order to get something
in return, Jon Davies the creator of “Internet Income 4
beginners” has really put a twist on the words marketing and

Mr. Davies says that this system is a “new” concept, which
is far more effective and Profitable when it comes to
marketing and selling than anything else you’ve ever seen or
been involved with.

According to Mr. Davies; With this system you can forget the
concept of “selling” altogether.

Have you ever tried any sort of online selling, of any kind of product or service?
Well, if you have, says Mr. Davies, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Even with the best product, the best website, the best pay plan, and even the best
traffic and visitors, you know it is still a struggle to make money.

You will be very fortunate when all is said and done just to get your money back.

Knowing how hard it was for ordinary people to make money
online, Mr. Davies decided to create something new. It
looks as though he may have turned the marketing world on
its head.

With this system, you just give something away (for FREE)
that nearly every person is interested in, Mr. Davies says;
" just about every time that you give it away, you make money"!

Now here is the best part and also a very exceptional twist in marketing.
You can use this system for yourself, and you’ll make the Money...not Mr. Davies.
You personally keep 100%!

This system looks like it may be the nearest thing to a
perfect money maker ever invented! It appears as though Mr.
Davies may have awakened the world with this new marketing

Mr. Davies welcomes all to investigate his new conceptual
marketing method by downloading his "FREE" ebook

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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Crazy Give Away!

Would you like to find out how to make a weekly wage, each day, without having to fork out anything for the privilege?

Would you like it if someone gave you all the information and tools you need without asking for anything in return?

Wouldn't it be great if someone built themselves a vastly effective set up and then just handed it over to you, with no strings attached?

Would you like it if one of the top internet guys came up to you and said; Here, why don't you take my system that I use, and keep everything for yourself? It's yours for the taking. That would be a dream come true wouldn't it?

Well today is your lucky day, because that's precisely what This person is going to offer you.

A guy called Jon Davies is giving away a free e-book that explains his EXACT system for making a full time living using a computer. He's not asking for a single thing for this book, its free.
There really are no strings attached.

It may sound crazy, and completely flies in the face of every internet marketing gurus advice you ever heard..........but this is 100% genuine and for real.\

You don't even need to read any boring hyped upsales letter; The website has no sales letter just a quick and simple download.

I can promise you without any hype or exageration that you have never seen an opportunity like this before, and you almost certainly never will again in the future. There's just no one else out there with the courage or conviction to give something like this away for free.

If you want to get the free information and profit from this huge turn of events, you must go to his site now. If it appears to be down or temporarily unavailable, please just keep clicking the "refresh" button over and over until the server has a space available for you to view the site.

This is the most valuable and vital information you are ever likely to see, so don't just ignore this message. There's every liklihood he will remove the site and the free information any time in the near future.


Thank you

Thomas Zimmerman