Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Free Way to Advertise Your Blog or Website

Here is a Way to Advertise a Blog or website

Do you have a blog or website? Do you need more exposure?
There are a number of ways to gain some free advertising.

Here is One:

There is one way that you may not have considered that
you probably do all the time. When you make a post to forums
or send emails, you no doubt use your signature after
those communications. Why not put your link to your
blog or website in those communications?

Have you ever thought how many times that you send out
an email every day? No doubt more times than you can count.
Next time make sure that you ad your signature with your website
or blog's url. If the forum(s) you belong to allow signatures,
don't forget yours.

Signatures should be short...but catchy. As with all
advertising, a signature is just that;A short ad.

What kind of blog or website do you have? Think of something unusual
or interesting to get people to click on your URL in your
signature to get them to come to your blog and or Website.

As in Advertising the subject or headline is the key.
It will either get people to click on the url, or it will
send them away. Now is the time to get your creative
thinking cap on and see what you can do to create
interest in your site, letting your signature lead
the way

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