Monday, October 12, 2009

Internet Income 4 beginners

When I talk about Internet Income 4 beginners I am talking about the safest and the quickest way to make/earn money. I would like to talk to you today about one of the most popular Forex companies that have been on the internet

Today I’d like to review a program that is and has been extremely popular. The program is called PanaMoney I joined it over a year ago and have been collecting info about it before publishing the following information. I would like to describe all pros and cons of joining PanaMoney because you are or have been desiring a company that does what they say there going to do and not run off with your money.Now this is my opinion! PanaMoney is such a program. Let's analyze some of the features and benefits of Panamoney. PanaMoney offers to online investors.

PanaMoney’s minimum required deposit in their first plan is $30 which can be made via LibertyReserve, V-Money or Bank Wires (only allowed for amounts of $1,000 and more). They just recently added Strictpay plans can be separated into three categories depending on the duration of your investment term: 16 trading days (Trial plan), 100 trading days (Beginner plan) and 180 trading days (all other plans).

1) The minimum to invest in Trial plan is $30 and the maximum is $49 so its main purpose is testing the system. One will be paid 0.5% every trading day so the investor is supposed to be in 108% profit after 16 trading days and, being satisfied with the system, invest in another plan.

2)If you deposit $50 to $99 the investment term will be 100 trading days after which you are allowed to get your principal back. you will be paid 1% daily so by the end of the term You will be paid 200% (100% + principal back).

3) All other plans are for investors with $100 or more to deposit. The investment term for these investors is 180 trading days after which they will get their principal back. The daily interest is varied from 1.3% to 2.8% daily depending on the amount invested. So you will be in profit in 36-77 days starting from the day of your original investment having been made.

I am sure that you have this question: will PanaMoney be with us for enough time to provide us the profits for a long time or will it be gone in short order? Well, for me the answer is quite clear and I’m almost 100% sure that PanaMoney will stay online for a long time and here’s why. Obviously they have been around for more than a year now. Also, if you do a whois search, you will find that they are quite serious about how long they are going to stay around. This is what you will find:Domain Name: PANAMONEY.NET
Created on: 23-Apr-08
Expires on: 24-Apr-18
Last Updated on: 21-Sep-08

So as you can see they have the domain locked up for 10 years. Anyone that is scamming or not serious, would not bother. You will also see that even the extensions for this domain have been bought. Some of them for more than 10 years.

Now, let's take a look at the layout of the PanaMoney website and the script it utilizes.You will see that they are of outstanding design and quality. all you have to do is look around and you will come to that conclusion.There was extraordinary effort that was put into creating all this. The script is absolutely genuine and a distinctive process.You will observe that there is a SRK keyboard installed when you try to login to your account This prevents those scumbag keylogger programs from obtaining your password. The increased security of your account is maintained by the SSL-certificate installed to protect your transactions and your privacy.

The PanaMoney
site is hosted on a dedicated BlockDos server and equipped top-notch security against hackers and anti-DDoS protection. With this protection, you will see a very stable and safe environment avoiding any possible downtime.

First what I saw by visiting PanaMoney website was the assurance of $250,000 provided by Comodo certificate that PanaMoney is an authentic company and PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. is really located on this address: “50th Street, Global Plaza Tower, 19th Floor, Suite H Panama City, Panama“. There is also a contact phone number listed on their homepage. I have not tried calling them but feel free to do so yourself.As far as I know their phone number is real and more details can be found through their support form and even online chat is available for your convenience on the PanaMoney website. Documents of incorporation are also available for download from PanaMoney website (”Contact Us” page).

I also noticed that PanaMoney is a registered company since April, 25, 2008 (issued and signed in the province of Panama by May, 14, 2008). So the registration took place straight after the domain name was registered on April, 23, 2008 which is quite logical and I found no discrepancies in this. The original capital of PanaMoney company was registered and confirmed by the documents of $10,000 USD and the President of the company is assigned Fernando Enrique Montero de Gracia.

I see that PanaMoney is involved in Forex trading and this is their main source of income. As a managed account is concerned They offer their clients to take advantage of their skills in managing Forex accounts by their experienced Forex traders. Unlike other companies not only does PanaMoney allow clients the trading history for the previous days but also it provides the real-time Forex trading sessions online which you can watch after logging into your account. I’m am a Forex trader so I can tell you that they are very skillful at what they do. When you register your account with PanaMoney you will learn this for yourself.. Again observing trading activity is available on the website and as always look in their FAQ section which by the way is very detailed and quite impressive. Pay special attention to the FAQ page if you decide to invest via Bank Transfer – They have rules that apply for this method of deposit.


PanaMoney is already enjoying a popular and well established program among thousands of online investors.It is quite possible you may have heard of or seen PanaMoney banners and know that the program doesn’t spare much money on advertising. This certainly proves their immense advertising budget and of course there is no secret regarding their big plans for the future. There are a lot of scam HYIP program, but I feel really confident that PanaMoney will be able to achieve some well-deserved recognition in the HYIP world by proving to be a real trading company that shows all necessary registration documents and real Forex-trading stats.

Since I have been with them for over a year now, I can tell you that they have fast and dedicated support. They use top-notch protection and enhanced site security features. They have a complete customized script and an outstandig advertising budget.This has made PanaMoney one of the most popular and to be sure long lasting HYIP'S in this realm of activity.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Internet Income(Passive) 4 everyone

Today I would like to talk about passive income.

Since I have not posted for a while. I decided to re-group, to scurry around the net and check what is the best way to make money passively and actively

What I have been doing is checking into the Forex Market and passive investments. This area is absolutely fantastic for anyone and everyone that wants to make income on the Internet.

I have been passively making money with two managed accounts in the forex market that are averaging around 1-2% per day. When it comes to making money on the Internet, I have found this method to be the most lucrative.

Quite frankly, due to my managed account, I am now able to retire with a very prosperous future for myself, spouse, kids and grandkids.

However, it does not stop there, for anyone that understands compound interest, the future looks very, very exciting for anyone and everyone that has an open mind and is willing to learn. I am willing to share what I have learned, if your willing to read and listen. I will show you what to do, how to do it, and all that I ask is from you, is to keep your mind open.

Internet income 4 beginners is happening now. Come join me and thousands of others for a mind opening financial passive venture.