Saturday, December 29, 2007

Veremail Your Last Stop For Email Campaigns

Why Choose Veremail?

After all, there are other online email systems out there.
Simply put, the difference is that Veremail offers you more
value for less money...

Unlimited Autoresponders:

You can set up as many different sequential email sets as you
want. Each email set can contain an unlimited number of emails
and be configured to send them out with whatever frequency you

Flexible Email Content:

Messages can can be plain text or HTML. You can include images,
style scripts, submission forms, even Flash designs if you like.
Veremail supports all campaigns.

Unlimited Email Broadcasts:

Perform unlimited email campaigns to your contact database
anytime you like. Broadcasts can be scheduled to have emails go
out on specific dates over a period of time and can include HTML
and/or plain text. You will see that this is your last stop to end
all your email concerns.

Unlimited Email Groups:

You can organize your contacts into an unlimited number of email
groups. This allows you to perform targeted email campaigns to
specific cross sections of your database. Each group you create
allows comes with its own HTML code that you can copy and paste
into any web site you want for people to subscriber to your
newsletter. Veremail shows you the way and delivers exactly what
you need to make your last campaign the best ever.

100% Guaranteed Delivery:

Veremail is the only system that has historically proven to be
able to get your email delivered. How? Years of diligent effort
combined with investments in political lobists. Other systems
are constantly being blacklisted by local ISPs or large
anti-Spam services like SpamCop or Spamhaus.This results in only
a small fraction of your email getting delivered.Veremail has
been acknowledged to be 100% Spam proof and its reputation
proceeds it.Plus the system contains technology that allows you
to monitor deliverability yourself for each email blast you
perform.No other service can come close to Veremail's delivery

Find out more,because there is so much for a very small price My
website below explains it all in a very easy to read website.

Unlimited Autoresponders,Follow-up Emails,

Email Broadcasting,and Live Customer Support from the Industry
Leader since 1993!

Professional studies have found that it takes 5-7 or more
advertising exposures before a prospect will actually make a
purchase.With Veremail's unlimited autoresponders and unlimited
follow up email system, your opt-in prospects will automatically
receive your message 5-7 times(or more) over a period of days,
weeks,and months when they request information from you.Veremail
will save you time and money,but also increase your sales
conversion rate,maximize your marketing efforts,keep you
organized,and increase your profits.Most importantly, Veremail
allows you to build a sphere of influence passively by
consistently keeping you in front of your customers.

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