Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Paid On 100% Of Your Website Traffic Utilizing PPP Advertising

100% Free Opportunity Earning off of your own website(s). Find out how to Earn by referring others. Now this is not only limited to referring others, placing a snippet of code on your website will turn your visitors into a play and pay visitors just for the fact that they came to your site.

This is a limited Opportunity and will be closing soon. Don't miss this breakthrough technology that provides you with Massive Residual Income. Advertising is important to success in any business We as website owners just have to find effective ways to promote our sites.

This is about PPP advertising or Pay Per Play. More television and radio advertisers recognize that more people are spending more time on the internet.Unlike Adsense, or Google pay per click... now a Website owner will get paid for every visit to his/her website. Pay per play will be unobtrusive as the website surfer will hear the ad rather than see it. Therefore producing a more effective form of advertising.

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