Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Oldest Classifieds On The Net

First Family Classifieds system is the world's leading provider
of online classified ads. In this fast growing market, First
Family is the only serious choice for online classifieds, and
the only classified ad system that runs on hundreds of servers,
it is the oldest running system on the Internet, allows remote
submissions and has over 30,000 individual classified sites and
continues to grow exponentially.

First Family classifieds offers free advertisement for business opportunities, personal ads, automobiles, real estate, and much more. Place your ads in more than 30,000 sites. There is no limit to the number of free ads you can post. Renew them as many times as you want.

Why Internet classifieds? What is one of "the most popular" traditional marketing tools used by small business to reach HUGE audiences with minimal investment? Classified Advertising! Why Newspaper Classifieds Are Joining the Migration to the Internet Knowing that classifieds draw targeted consumers,the Web and ISP portals offered free classifieds long before newspapers thought of putting their content and their classifieds online. They were the first to figure out what grabs eyeballs..the -classifieds.

The online portals also had another advantage - traffic. With over
19 million subscribers, AOL is the single largest port of entry
to proprietary content as well as to the Internet.

Google!, the Internet's largest search engine and portal, offers classifieds at the metropolitan level, successfully competing with
traditional newspapers.

Classified advertising is not only a valuable marketing tool offline, it is also a powerful way to reach thousands of potential customers and generate incredible profits ONLINE… all with none, or very little investment!

There are all kinds of predictions about what the on-line medium will mean for the future, but one thing is certain: It's a medium
made for classified listings--i.e., for helping people
effectively buy and sell things. Web search engines will enable
a user to quickly search for the job listings, homes for sale
and available automobiles.

Because classifieds represent 38 percent of most dailies' advertising revenue, the coming era of Web classifieds is being met with major concern from mainstream newspapers. When people ask, "How will individuals without access to a computer get these classifieds?" The audience will follow the database. If the best classified database is on the Web, somebody will find a way to make money providing that information to people, maybe even by printing out classified listings at Kinko's. That is why, during the next 10 years, the Web will effectively eliminate classified advertising as the most significant revenue source the newspaper dailies have. And....1-Family Classifieds is one of the oldest and most established classifieds on the Internet.

The best thing is it is absolutely free to place as many ads as you want. Got something to sell or say? I am sure you do. Give us a try. You might be surprised at what you find there!

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