Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Veretekk Traffic Portal

The Traffic Portal's main objective is to produce highly qualified entrepreneurial prospects that arrive in an exclusive relationship to the Veretekk subscriber. By offering products and services of real value to prospects you are able to passively initiate positive relationships with other people, and in so doing broaden your personal sphere of influence. This allows you to build trust and credibility with your prospects rather than forcing your sales pitch on them from the start.

This all important one on one relationship marketing paradigm is what you have before you today. This new generation of Portals exploits the very essence of viral marketing making each portal extremely attractive to the Internet entrepreneur by rewarding them for aggressively distributing your Portals to the masses.

Each Traffic Portal is a uniquely crafted, valuable to it's particular market. At the core, is your "Portal Marketing Center" designed to enable your ability to easily put your "Traffic Portals" into the main stream of the Internet culture. Every portal is designed to benefit unique vertical markets. By building a large portfolio of diverse services and sites, your sphere of influence grows exponentially within the expanding market of the Internet. Thus achieving a well established yet diverse distribution throughout the Internet social dichotomies.

One does not have to be an academic professional nor have deep philosophical beliefs to recognize the benefit that these Portals represent. By re-establishing credibility as the way business is conducted, character, once again becomes the central theme in the orchestration of commerce.

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