Tuesday, December 25, 2007

eTracking: Your Very Own Search Engine!


Chaos theory combined with viral technology makes this a leading edge traffic portal. This site can easily become a massive verified lead generator for free. It is self replicating, comes with live training and runs on over 200 servers. This
technology is exclusive to Inetekk the inventors of Veretekk. Veretekk is 10 years ahead of any type of lead generating and lead system on the Internet today. If you want your own eTracking system it is free.If you want a portfolio of lead generators
like eTracking then you need to join Veretekk.

Inetekk has been building lead and marketing systems on the Internet since 1998. Inetekk was created by Thomas Prendergast and Mike Darling. With a combined expertise that started when the Internet was born in 1991, these guys represent over 200,000 hours of Internet and computer technology and have set the standard for Internet marketing.

Developers of the first and only double opt in, verified and 3rd party verifiability email systems, Inetekk forged the only secure privacy based email system on the Internet.Inventors of the first online application,first self replicating website and first self replicating PDF ebooks.

This company has been destined to empower the little guy from it's very inception.You have everything to gain subscribing for free.If your interested in a real solid and easily built income, this is that place!

eTracking doesn't just give you a free search engine - we hand you an entire system. We give a crisply designed website that will draw people into submitting their own web sites. We also provide you with clips of HTML code that can be used to perform remote submissions (as well as your own URL to give to submission services to add to their list).

Remember,the more web sites submited to your search engine, the more leads generated for you. eTracking also includes a secure Control Panel where you and only you will be able access your leads.The control panel includes all important contact information about the lead itself such as their name, email address and the dates
of your last contact towards them. With the leads at your disposal you can now seriously promote your opportunity to them.

However,the most significant feature of eTracking is that it's absolutely, positively,totally FREE. eTracking is the world's first self replicating search engine demand for it is HUGE! We could easily be charging from $17.95 to $50 a month for the same service we offer you for free. We truly want you to succeed - changing the way you think about search engine marketing is a huge step in the right direction!

The New Era...

Ready or not - it is here. Stop wasting all of your time and money trying to get your web site listed in the Top 10. A New Era has arrived in search engine marketing! Don't be left behind and stranded with other free search engines that will inevitably appear in the months to come. We are the first! We know this business! And, most importantly - we'll give it to you for free.

Start earning the profits that you dream of by setting up your new search engine with eTracking.net.Just click the Get Yours button and submit the form and a verification email will be sent to you confirming your username and password. Then by clicking the link on the email verification you will immediately be sent to the eTracking.net sign-in page, where you can enter and view your control panel.

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