Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why Is A Marketing Plan Necessary For Your Business?

A couple of days ago Per Inquiry Advertising was discussed. If you read the article, It was mentioned that to know how well and ad is going to do, is just simply...unknown.

There are two things that can be dealt with, if this is the case. There are a great deal of business people that without much thought to a marketing project, will put profits into marketing ,when sales from their product or service are doing well. Then, when their sales fall off, they pull that money off that particular project. Does that make any logical sense to you? If you have been following the articles that I have wrote on this blog, you might remember what was said about consistency.

Yes, A marketing plan is a necessary step to have a successful business. Setbacks occur in any business, and have to be dealt with. The concept behind a marketing plan is to set your goals and stay with it. You have to have a purpose and stay the course. Every business is going to fail from time to time. You have heard this said many times in your life...Set goals if you are going to succeed. Running a business with out a clear marketing plan is like a Fireman not holding the end of a hose...It's going to be whipping around and hitting everything but it's target(the fire).

Do you have employees in your business? Do you see how they will envision the company they work for when that company has clear and concise goals? If you are fortunate enough to have outside investors, the outlook for growth enhances their belief that their money is secure and will grow. The investors know that there will be the ups and downs, but your company has shown through it's marketing plan a well thought out marketing structure that does not bend over a little pressure, or minor setbacks.

Tomorrow, let's discuss some steps that your marketing plan should utilize.

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