Friday, February 1, 2008

Per Inquiry Advertising

Do you know what is Cheaper than Remnant Space?

Per Inquiry Advertising. The cheapest way to go if you have no idea how your ad will sell and you do not want to spend thousands to do it. With this type of advertising, the media actually bears the risk. There is nothing you have to pay for before your ad begins. That's the best part. The downside is the Media receives a percentage of everything that is sold due to your advertising. It is definitely a plus if your ad fails miserably. This means you received a test for free.

Something else to ponder:

Let's say a media outlet took the expense of running a PI ad for you that would normally cost $2-$3,000. You would get the ad for free, but you would need to pay the media $20.00 for every item sold. Let's say that 500 items were sold at $20.00 each. That means that you would be paying the media $10,000 on a $2-$3000 ad. You probably would not have paid $3000 if you had to pay that much for a test. the object of this lesson is you now have the knowledge that your test was a success.

Next time you can buy the same ads using remnant space. You would pay around $1000.00 for each ad and you would now keep the rest of the money for yourself. Try some searches regarding Per Inquiry advertising.

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Anonymous said...

There are a couple of details this post is missing. Despite Per Inquiry being a great ay to mitigate risk, the fact is that few credible organizations will run your program with some idea of testing. Depending on the media, a $2K to $5K media test may be needed to establish ROI. This will be calculated as P X Q = ROI, where the price (P) is calculated based on the quantity (Q) of a measurable amount of media (ROI). Expect a test or the opportunity to rise above the 300+ other Per Inquiry offers may not be realistic. Finally, the days of selling products on a per inquiry basis are disappearing. Most today oare national corporate lead generation, typcially in a two part process. Post by