Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Importance Of A Headline

Headline tips:

When writing ads, what is the first thing anyone sees? The Headline. The headline is the reason why anyone would decide to read or skip your ad. It's very possible that your ad is an absolute winning sensation...but with a bad headline you have a losing ad. How can you turn that around?

Let's Hope you do not have to see A Headline Like the one in this Post, but The Idea is;you have to create interest if you want someone to read your ad after the Headlines.

If you read the ads that caught your attention, what did they say? One thing among many is testimonies. If you use a testimonial type of headline, it ads credibility to the rest of your ad. You can also create what is know as a "fear of loss" or creating a sense of Urgency. Have you ever seen the ads on the Internet with a clock that is clicking down giving you so much time to "Act Now"! or lose the proposition? If you did, you have seen and been drawn into ordering.

More Headline Tips:

Why is it that some people buy a product and others do not? Benefits are something that the reader has been captured by to want to read more. Your headline needs to convey a personal touch.

Have you ever seen the ads Announcing a new Event or the opening of a store or the selling of A product? This type of ad is in news style or an announcement quality.

Do You feel that your ad should be focused around the price you are charging for a product or service? Feature the price, if you feel it is very competitive. It does not have to be the lowest price around for the ad to be opened for further reading.

How big is the word Free? you know the answer to that, don't you? How many times have you opened an ad just because it had the word free in it? probably more times than not.

There are also Instructional Headlines;

Headlines that begin with, "Which", "This" "How to" Or "You" are all used to tell you how to do something that you may not have been aware of. The point is, to get your attention.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned the "Urgency Headline" or the "Fear Of Loss". You can also put a date in your headline. This offer Expires_____________ This shows that the reader needs to respond in a timely manner or lose the benefits.

The most important point to remember here is; You have to think how you can get the reader into reading more. The headline is the answer!

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