Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Here Is An Advertising Strategy

The best and proven method with advertising is that you need to constantly test new areas. The people that are successful with their chosen business are advertising in new areas with newspapers and the Internet all at the same time. You will have so many newspapers that you are advertising in that you could literally fill a room... like the picture to the right -:). Just kidding, but I thought it makes a good point. Advertise, advertise and than do it again.

You have to monitor your ads very carefully and see which media is doing better than the others.
This is a time management and record keeping process.

What you need to do will become obvious...and that is;keep advertising with the media that pays for you and drop the ones that do not. You will find that this an ideal way to operate your business.

Keep in mind that there are literally thousands upon thousands of Internet and print advertising media to choose from. The main theme here is to set large goals, and do your best to reach them.

With the Internet you do not have to worry about having the local advertising mindset. You should be aware that when it comes to print advertising there are a lot of people that get stuck just advertising in their immediate area. The point being made here is you need to expand your advertising out through the state that you reside and eventually nationwide.

You need to think of a system where you are mixing or rotating your ads and at the same time you are doing that, you should be looking for new papers to advertise in. Remember, to keep the ads that are pulling well, paid for.

When advertising in different papers every week, you can eliminate the unresponsive papers and learn which papers are making you the best money. You should at least make a profit on each one. The newspapers that have been pulling in good profits from you for a period of time can still work for you. All you have to do is pull back your advertising to once or twice per month.The idea here is to be consistent.

When the ads stop making a profit, you can try a new ad, or move on to a different paper. Then, a few months in the future you might want to come back and try it again. Remember, the ads and product/service worked the first time you advertised. It would be worth a shot to try again at a later date. Keep your records, so you can organize the profit pullers and the money pit newspapers separate.

Tomorrow, I would like to talk about the re-investing of advertising profits.

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