Friday, February 1, 2008

A Local Tour Business

I know you have heard of a tour guide and or Sight-Seeing Guide. San Diego, Calif. and probably many areas and Cities in the USA have a lot of historical Sites. Do you live in any such area?

You would be surprised how many people would like a personal tour provided by yourself over the larger established companies. This is particularly true if you are a native of an area that receives many visitors per year. You can set up your very own service(guide) for groups, if you have a Van with windows. Is your vehicle a car? Do small individual or family tours. If you are just starting out you can even use the customer's car. I have seen this done in the San Diego, California area. Although the individual purchased a Van a short time after starting his business.

It's really easy to check out the competition's prices. Due to your low overhead, you can have a great start with this with lower prices and personal attention. As you grow you should have enough capital to start raising your prices to meet your ever growing demand.

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