Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Remnant Space Advertising

Usually Newspapers have the most remnant spots. Oh, first of all let me explain what Remnant spots are. Remnant space is leftover space or space that did not sell. The media such as radio, television and Newspapers call this Remnant space.

If you are going to advertise on radio, make sure that you buy more than just one. You want to advertise by buying as many ads as you can for the best price. When you buy these ads proclaim that you want remnant space thrown into the deal. For example; If you buy say 20 ads on a Friday, at the regular price, ask for 25 more ads to be scheduled at the radio station's convenience, during the next 2-4 days. This ad may run at weird times like 4 or 5 in the morning or at maybe the one of the best times...say around noon. However you look at this the extra ads are a plus for you.

Television, always has some remnant space. When you think of all the local stations, cable networks and affiliates etc. you can find some really good deals. I have heard of people getting a minute of air time for $50.00. The same thing applies here as does radio advertising you have to insist on getting some bonus time if you buy a lot more than just one ad.

Newspapers- This is the most difficult media to deal with. These people hold the freebies for their largest and most consistent advertisers. Look around your area, I bet you have a lot of other local papers that would welcome your business. Run a large ad with them for a month or so than ask if they would run remnant ads throughout their paper. You could suggest to the paper to have the readers read your larger ad through the filler ads by putting in the page number where the larger ad is located. This could effect the way people view your business when they see all these extra little filler ads.

Have you ever seen your local businesses in a large National magazine? These ads are called demographic or regional editions. What they do is put inserts that have the local ads. Check and see with someone in your area locally. If you cannot find a contact number, the media should have a number where it says you can place advertising. Then, just ask for a local advertising number for that magazine.

It is best to wait until an hour or so before the deadline. You probably will get a sweet deal. These people, know that if they have any space left, they would rather sell it for a reduced price than letting it go empty. You will be amazed if you can do this and what you can get for a really large ad. I have heard of a full page going for around $200-$300.00. The secret is in your timing.

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