Sunday, January 27, 2008

A New Home Business Idea.

My wife just hates to do housework. I can't say that I blame her. She works all day(her choice)and does not have much interest in cleaning a house. You just know that there are millions just like her that feel the same way.

With all the homes and Apartments that are scattered around most cities, you have a lot of potential customers. It does not take a highly skilled person to do this, and if you are just starting out, your customer already has the equipment. It would be advisable as you grow with this business to acquire your own,(equipment) as soon as your profits will allow.

Since this is a service business you have to put out quality work. The word will spread and you will soon need to duplicate your efforts...Hire other people, and watch your business grow.


Alex Liu said...


To me this business idea sounds like a part time maid company. In fact, there are already lots of company doing that.

Hiring foreigner worker is a lot cheaper. This make your price competitive and people willing to pay for the service!

Alex Liu
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Thomas Zimmerman said...

Hi Alex,

That's exactly what it is, a part time maid company. You are right, there are lots of companies doing that. However, Here in the Good Old United States there is always room for more.

Everyone has friends and relatives, that is where one could start in this business. There is no better referral than having a friend or relative recommend your service.

Thanks for your comment!