Sunday, January 27, 2008

Try A Smaller Newspaper For Testing

Yesterday, I mentioned a great place to go to place your ads...

If you have been to the site, you no doubt noticed that you have quite a choice, where you could run an ad in print and or online. btw- print ads are normally seen by more people than your online ads. This is of course based on how, when, and what source you are using for online advertising. We will get into that at a later date.

You will find that there are small-town weekly newspapers that will place your ad for as low as $2.00 or even less. That is a great rate particularly if you made just one sale. Let's say your product or service is selling for $20.00. Should that be the case you have made a gross profit of 1000% of your cost. Now if you ran 20 of those $2.00 ads, making on the average 1 sale per each newspaper. That's $400.00 and you only invested $40.00 .Let's get really conservative and say you only make 10 sales for all 2o newspapers. The ads would cost $40.00, your sales would be $200.00 based on the above figures your gross profit would be $160.00. That's 4x your advertising costs. Can you see the potential with this?

I cannot say it enough. The main thing you should do is test, test, test your ads before you run that particular ad in more publications. Try 3 or more different ads advertising the same product. When your ad expires look at the sales. The ad that pulled the most sales is the one that you want to run in more and more publications.

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