Monday, January 28, 2008

Advertising With Newspapers

There are a lot of Newspapers that have their own rules and procedures to allow you to advertise with them.

With some newspapers, if you feel you would receive good exposure, than you might have to change your ads, based on their insertion criteria. I use to Advertise with one of the Major Newspapers out here on the West Coast. I finally determined, that it was just not worth all the fuss I had to go through to continue advertising with them. The end result was, I dropped that one and added two others that had the same circulation when combined.

Perhaps you may find one that it is of absolute necessity that you advertise with them. Should that be the case work with an Advertising manager that handles your particular category. See what you can change about your ad, that you satisfy their requirements or policy.

Have you ever heard of Remnant space? Tomorrow we will talk about how you can pay less for your ads using this strategy.

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