Saturday, July 19, 2008

Make $1000.00 Next Weekend

Do you have a lot of clutter around your house? Well turn the clutter into cash with a hassle free yard sale.

Do you have a lot of stuff that is just about overflowing your drawers and closets?

Here is what some of the garage-sale experts say. You can turn the cast-offs into must-haves that will fly off the shelves. This will definitely relieve you when your closets are left clean and your pockets full of cash.

Do The Garage Sale Just once on a weekend:

Surveys that were taken said that The best day is Saturday and pull in your stuff and sell the rest next Saturday. People who miss Saturday naturally assume that the good stuff is taken and won't be there by Sunday. Hence, sell the remainder next Saturday.

You will need some Signs:

The Gurus of Garage sales say; stick to basics: "Yard Sale" should be in giant letters, plus an arrow on a brightly colored background. A lot of hardware stores no doubt have these signs for you. Home Depot to name just one.

Just Like Advertising, You Need to Target The Right Buyers:

What do you feel the difference is between making $250.00 at your yard sale and $1000.00?
You must have some Creative Advertising.

Do you have a lot of baby clothes? Than why not leave notices at your pediatrician's office and daycare centers.? Got exercise equipment? Post a notice and or flier at gyms and weight-loss centers. Don't forget to list your sale on the free websites.


Be a great hostess and have some drinks for the buyers. Coffee or lemonade is not very expensive from the potential returns of having people stick around for a while. The more people there are around your place, the more inviting the sale will look. You will have more cars stop and than the more you will sell.

Now everyone know what the favorite word on and off the Internet is....right? You don't want to guess do you? Okay, How about this word...FREE.

Do you have items laying around the house that you never want to see again? Put them in a big box or container marked Free. Take the container or box and place it where passing cars can see it. This sign will attract people who wouldn't normally take the time to stop. Once they are on your lawn, they are apt to look at-and buy other items.

Price it right:

The survey I mentioned on opening this post also said that the most successful sellers label major pieces about 25% above what they want and display a sign that says negotiable. Why? Becasue people who shop yar sales enjoy a challenge. How to price it? In most areas recent electronics go for a quarter to a third of their original price;paperbacks for 25-50 cents;hardbacks for 50 cents to a dollar; and record albums for $1.00 to save yourself time, group lik-priced items-as in all hardbacks $12.00 or Everything on table: 50 cents..

Get a Yard Sale Buddy:

It helps to enlist a yard sale buddy-and not just because you'll view each other's clutter with a fresh eye. You will also e able to divide the costs and the chores. The words multi-family sale will attract twice the buyers because they know they will have twice as much to choose from.

Put them Up!

Research shows things sell for more when they are displayed high up-like on a picnic table. Apart from increasing their eye appeal, a psychological factor makes us dismiss items lower down-one reason generics are found on the bottom supermarket shelf. In fact, surveys show clothers on hangers sell for two to four times what they would rumpled up in a box.

There you have it, now go out and make some money next weekend.

This article goes to the credit of Barbara Hustedt Crook- Woman's World.

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