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Andy Bodwoin's ASD Developments

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We decided to take what was going to be just a Chicago Rally update, and expanded on it...Hope all the information helps!

Chicago was another great event and we heard some GREAT things from people about not just the energy..but the CONTENT also. As ASD is in some challenging times with Growth that FAR outpaces what they could have ever anticipated they have been faced with operational, technological and communication challenges and problems that are totally understandable while still being extremely frustrating for both them and for the membership.

As we have said before, when you MEET these people and talk to them and look into their eyes you see a group of people who are highly energetic and committed to getting things done for members and who are tremendously excited about the future as they too are members of ASD.
We would recommend that if you can make a rally you SHOULD do so as it will give you a feel for everything without just being a bunch of hype. It also gives you input as to how things are progressing. Chicago was a venue that could only hold about 1800 people comfortably between the main room and the overflow room and so the decision was made to have two sessions so that people who traveled to get there could get the information they came for.

For the content of the meeting itself we have to rely on feedback we received from people who attended the meetings. Some people we spoke with have been to multiple rallies and felt this was possibly the best because it was a combination of the positive information about the company and where it is headed, some current information on addressing problems and challenges of an extremely fast growing company and also addressing the challenges that company and program such as ASD faces from antagonists in forums and blogs who live to attack fast growing companies on the internet.

So it is not all just looking at things through rose colored glasses but very real information about how they are facing challenges, evolving for continued growth and are prepared to meet challengers, detractors and gossip and fear mongers head on.

Also in Chicago, information about another marketing system for members was presented which we heard just a little about in Miami and people in Chicago seemed extremely impressed with both the system and the people providing it. We will be gathering more information on this and getting it to you as soon as we can.

Another development we heard from Chicago was that ASD is seriously looking at purchasing a bank and before we had the opportunity to call ASD to get confirmation of that we had two people contact us saying that it was mentioned in the call/webroom this morning. Fascinating development, which we will have to explore further to learn more about for all of us.

A full display of Andy Bowdoin's award(Presidential Achievement Award) presented in Washington DC was available for members to view and we are sure that photographs of it will pop up all over the internet in the coming week. ASD is over 103,000 member now and still growing, at a pace of 1000-2000 members a DAY!

If you sent your rally purchase to us and asked us to represent you in ad package purchases at the Chicago rally, once again we were able to get them done with an ASD representative LIVE and REAL TIME and therefore those of you who logged in Saturday night or Sunday morning, were able to see the new ad packages posted to your accounts. The majority of purchases will be posted in the coming weeks as they are working on completing both the Miami purchases from the week before AND the Chicago purchases over the most recent weekend.

The LIVE posting of purchases has been received well and has been going smoothly. Several stations for doing live purchases were available to members at the rally. The process takes a bit more time when you are working with the ASD rep doing it but we feel it is worth the wait to know that everything is posted NOW. If you attend a rally it makes sense to see if you can get to one of the stations. ASD intends to increase the number of live posting stations at each rally as they continue to improve the process.

This will also decrease the amount of time needed to post the transactions that are handed in to be taken to the home office to post. As it is, if you were in attendance and handed in a form for your purchase, you should allow 10-15 business days for your purchase to post. Hopefully it will post more rapidly than that, but that is the stated time frame.

The next rally is in Tulsa Oklahoma on August 23rd and the LA / Anaheim California 2 day event has been moved to the October 24th and 25th so please mark your calendars accordingly. The proposed Rallies for September are as follows:

1. Minneapolis has asked for another Rally and they are currently looking at either the 6th or the 13th of September for that but there is nothing confirmed.

2. New York - Currently they plan a rally in New York for September 27th but we don't have a confirmed location for it. Watch the Rally page on the news site for information on dates, locations and promotions and we will let you know when we get anything confirmed on these.
We were also in on some conversation on proposed locations for rallies but presenting any of the locations and dates here would be speculative at best at the moment and so we will report information when we have more solid information to go on.

As we mentioned earlier, and as some of you have mentioned to us in emails. ASD is currently dealing with some antagonists in blogs and forums who seem to be looking to cause trouble and who seem to be the sorts who just pick out an internet phenomenon and try to cause them a lot of trouble to the point of trying to see if they can destroy them. One of our close contacts had the opportunity to speak directly with Andy Bowdoin and with Robert Garner who met in Miami with SEC and regulatory legal professionals during the week between Miami and Chicago and they both informed him that ASD is in a solid and compliant position with all regulatory groups (this is

GREAT News) and that they are proceeding with the action needed to address the activities, claims and behaviors of those involved in defamatory accusations and communications.

Without belaboring the topic one of the largest reasons people take a negative and controversial position against what appears to be an internet phenomenon is that it increases traffic to their site, blog or forum. Some just use the name of a hot program and the word "scam" to bring those who are searching Google to their forum or blog or site. We have seen communication stating that at least one of the people involved has investment programs (such as penny stocks), and other financial programs he wants to attract new members for, and he knows that those participating in ASD are open minded people who "think outside the box" and that taking a controversial position attracts a LOT of traffic to his site where he can then through creative means, start to promote his other program to these people.

Do we have irrefutable proof of those intentions and a totally rock solid ID on the person...not totally so we will leave it at that. We find it AMAZING what people will do on the internet to either gain business or to destroy something. However, one thing that also is being done and does not help is that there are those who market opportunities by using meta-tags that include the name of the hot program and then a controversial word such as scam for A PROGRAM THEY BELONG TO. They do this to attract the attention of thousands who search that way looking for negatives and then you find you are on a site that asks controversial questions about the program and then goes on to tell you it is NOT bad and that you DO need to JOIN and to JOIN under them. It is a strategy based upon using people's tendency to first search for negatives about a program before researching positives and you can find it used by several people in several income opportunities and programs.
It is our understanding that marketing tactics such as those will also be called into question and some folks may have their accounts canceled. Additionally, there are some members who insist on promoting something like this as an investment opportunity in clear violation of what has been stipulated by the company. That ALSO is silly, damaging and grounds for the termination of a members account.

We are looking forward to ASD silencing the detractors who are using inaccurate comparisons, assumptions and lies to damage ASD. We are also looking forward to pushing forward to make sure that all MEMBERS are compliant and not causing harm or using inappropriate strategies to recruit new members.

That is the extent to which we would like to dwell on this topic in an update email for now.
As far as cash out progress. We are receiving reports of people receiving checks from cash out requests made in up through July 7th. It appears that ASD is working on trying to stay current with cash out requests while clearing the back log from earlier. We were told that cash out checks were touched on in the call this morning also and that checks are now being processed in 6 days. We are receiving increasing reports of people receiving multiple checks and the new check system as well as ACH should be in place by the end of the month.

Website work and improvements continue to be done and you will notice it in site performance (or lack thereof) and they hope to have the site performing well and stabilized by Wednesday. It is our understanding that having the site operating at "Indy 500 speeds" is part of a project that will take about 60 days to complete with the newly hired IT Executive and the new company they contracted with to totally re-create the ASD technology infrastructure in that regard. We will report more as we receive it. It is also our understanding that while the performance is "spotty" that they will continue to issue global credits, but we are continuing to surf each day even if it takes several times logging in as well as more time to get it done. We recommend you do the same.

We are looking forward to the Tulsa Rally and will get more information on ongoing developments as we receive the information.

This is one of the best opportunities that has hit the Internet...dare I say since it's inception by Al Gore (just kidding) about Al Gore that is.

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