Thursday, February 14, 2008

You Might Re-Think Your Marketing

Did you know that Teens represent a large, racially diverse generation?

It you are doing any marketing at all on the Internet or through the mails, You better get to know this group.

Let's call them Generation X. This group is larger than any other consumer group. They are the children of the Baby Boomers. This generation is also the most racially diverse. This is according to Business Week. One in three is not Caucasian. One in four lives in a single-parent household. Three in four have working mothers.

For the 18 and younger crowd, the web is where it's at. Traditional advertising tactics just won't cut it anymore. According to BUSINESS WEEK, this group is far too sophisticated and computer savy.

The internet is the medium of choice, just like network TV was for boomers. Television drives, homogenetiy, the Internet drives diversity.

A well designed website is crucial for any company hoping to reach this generation, because they grew up in the computer age, they are very computer literate. Have you ever seen the BMW commercials? They zeroed in on their target audience and created an online promotion that is attractive to their ideal customers.

This strengthened their overall brand. It seems that targeting your market is something that has to be in the forefront for every marketing and advertising campaign. Just remember a market never stands still. Just like on the Internet, a marketing plant that works today, may crash tomorrow.

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for a Case Study according to BMW

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