Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pinpoint Marketing; What is it?

Have you been at a movie and before your main feature begins, you are shown ads of people eating popcorn and drinking Pepsi or Coke? If you did not buy any before you took your seat, you probably will after watching those ads.

That is what they call pinpoint marketing. You received the right message which was appropriate for that scenario at the right time. It has a great impact for producing actual results.

Let's say in contrast while you are eating your popcorn and drinking your soda, when an advertisement for a Ford Truck shows on the screen. The ad is excellent, but at the time, you are probably not looking for a Ford Truck. This is not really targeted advertising. This is unlike when you are watching TV or listening to the radio. People on the Internet are looking for an answer to a problem they may be encountering. If you can put your service or product in front of them at that particular time, you probably got yourself a customer.

If you do some searches regarding Pinpoint Marketing, you will see a number of companies that specialize in this.

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