Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are You An Honest Marketer?

If you want to have any success online, you have to establish credibility. Have you noticed how Internet Scams are running rampant all over the Internet? That is precisely why people are less willing to buy from an unknown source.

You have to make your name, or your Logo more familiar to the Internet population. How is this done? You can associate yourself with multiple fairly known sources or with a fairly large one.

What product or service do you have to sell? You could set up a shopping cart with Yahoo. The cost for an e-commerce solution through Yahoo is around $30.00 per month. This is a great way to establish your credibility online. You will be affiliated with a name everyone knows. This will give your potential customers/clients a lot more comfort level to buy from you. When a customer purchases your product or service through your Yahoo e-commerce site, they become familiar with the name of your company. Next time, it will be a lot more likely for them to buy directly from your website.

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