Friday, January 18, 2008

You Need To Advertise More Than Once

Most people that are in business for any length of time can tell you that advertising has to be consistent. There are people that start a business and think that if they put out one large ad in a high circulation type media that that should propel them forward


There is an average that ads that are given a lot of thought may be seen by the targeted customer once out of 7 or 9 times. These ads have to be seen at least three to 7 times before they have enough effect on the reader to be given any type of consideration. Rule of thumb is that an ad has to be consistent to the tune of at least 27-30 times before it has any impact whatsoever.

Any one in business that is successful will tell you that their experience has been to commit to advertise. Set aside a percentage of your gross profits. Make it a absolute necessary expense if you expect to stay in business. Sometimes a one-shot ad may make it. Just realize that if you go to Las Vegas and play the slots you could get lucky too. Bottom line is, if you have enough money you can try, but don't break the bank.

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