Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why Not Set Up Your Own Ad Agency?

Do you know that Media outlets Pay 15% commission for you to
bring ads to them?

The 15% by the way will be figured into the cost of the ad. The
truth is as long as they get the ad and the business, it doesn't
matter who they pay the commission to. So why not save on your
next ad?

You will be saving on all the advertising media that comes to
mind. Radio, television,magazines,newspapers,just about any
outlet you can think of.

Now ad agencies usually write your ads and format them along
with where to place them. If you are good at ad writing why not
do it yourself and save the 15%? There are a lot of small
business people that do not have the budget to pay agencies.
When you think of your bottom line, you will see that the 15%
can really help with your incoming cash flow.

What you need to do is print up a Letterhead and of course you
will need some type of form to show what ads are going to be
placed and ordered. This is commonly called an insertion order.
Just do some Google searches and you should find plenty of
generic forms for your business to utilize.

What a lot of people do is just ad the words In-house Agency
after the name of their Company. This should throw away any
feeling of guilt that you may have about being deceitful. Again
as mentioned earlier it does not matter to the media outlets as
they have this built into the costs of the ad. As long as they
get the business is their main concern or agenda.

When you place your ad, all you have to do is ask for the
standard 15% agency discount or commission. There are very few
outlets(media) that will refuse the request. Now this does not
include any space that they did not sell (remnant space) or per
inquiry ads. You also could not expect a commission if you do
not have your ad prepared or laid out or typeset.

We are talking about display advertising. However, you can usually get a
commission on classified advertising as well. It may not be 15%
but anything that helps your bottom line is what you are seeking.

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