Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ways To Make Money At Home

Have you ever seen the people washing and waxing cars at an office building?

Car washing particularly for warmer areas can be a a great year-round profitable business. You can do it at your home or there are a number of office buildings that are in your area that you could arrange such a service.

I live in San Diego, Calif. I see a number of these services doing just that. I talked to one of the owners and casually asked at some point in our conversation if he could give me a general figure of what he was earning.

Believe it or not just from this one office structure he was earning over 6 figures per year and he had two other locations.

He also offered car waxing. He was able to charge a lot more money "waxing" cars.

Check around your area to find out what others are charging to determine what you should charge for this service

Don't forget with any business now days it is paramount to have a website to promote your services or products.

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