Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Planning For Profit

One has to optimize their time and resources to ensure success on the Internet. This means you have to plan your projects carefully. What is the best product to sell? What price will you sell it at? How will you sell it and by what means? These are just some sample questions that need answered before you can begin a successful Internet business. I am sure you would like the answers to those questions. Well before we go any farther, let me ask you some questions; Do you know what your costs are going to be?, How about your capital requirements? and/or your profit potential and time schedules to accommodate the sales for your products and services.

Think about the questions that I just asked. I will be getting into more detail on those subjects in the coming days and weeks. Remember that you need to have a plan. That plan has to head you in the direction that you intend your business to go. The concept behind this is to free you to spend more time working on your business and not just in the business.

More tomorrow...

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