Thursday, November 13, 2008

Passive Income and Internet Income 4 Beginners

How would you like to enjoy an income without having to work for it? Sounds like a fairy tale...doesn't it? Well the facts are, that you can. I am currently doing just that. Are you skeptical? You should be.
When I first started this blog, I thought I could get a lot of traffic and make some really great cash, all it took was time and perseverance. What I have learned is this, it is hard as hell to get traffic to any blog. You have to be consistent, which I was not. You have to have new material everyday. Man that was hard, however, when you look at my posts, I came up with quite a bit of useful material. I have found a way to make great money by having my money work for me.

It does beat submitting articles to my own blog everyday, but I thought I should share my information with people that are interested. So, if you are interested, you may contact me by entering your email address with comments to this post. I am going to start making posts again, however, it will be for more than just beginners, it will be about making money for anyone that is willing to take a little risk.

Your probably saying risk? Risk hell, I am not taking any risk, screw you, you say. Well now, just think about it. Anything that is good in life requires risk. You take a risk when you have sex(disease) you take a risk when you get married(divorce and the spouse robs you blind) You also take risks if you have your own business, Yes there are many, many millionaires and billionaires that took risks. I guarantee you if they had not taken risks they would not have the money that they have today.

So, my point that I am making, is that you take precautions when you take risk. I feel that I have that figured out. Anyhow, those people that want to follow-me and are not afraid of taking small risks, let me know by your comments.

I will be looking forward to meet like minded people. Wimps can go somewhere else.



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