Friday, August 1, 2008

ASD Update And Complaint To U.S. Attorney General's Office

This is regarding some petty person making a complaint to the United States Attorney General's Office. Below are notes from my sponsor in this soon to be greater than ever organization. Listen to the video and you will find out why.

There are a lot of petty ignorant, jealous people in this world that try to do bad things, However, Sometimes it just reverses the reaction they thought it was going to create. Andy Bowdoin will go down in History as probably one of the greatest people to help more people achieve financial freedom than anyone has ever done in the History of the United States.

Here are the notes from the call ..They are "Rough Notes", sorry for not making them look pretty.
Below is a link to the audio of the call:
Charlie is a member close to the company.

The reason for this call is to explain the confidence we have. ASD has had a complaint, don't know where it came from, fastest growing company in America, taken lots of people from other businesses. We are successful and that breeds attacks. Complaint with US Attorney General

Charlie thinks that it is about the site being down, and someone thinks ASD stole money. Standard Operating procedure for US Atty Gen is to look at our records.

Andy has plans. Wants to be next search engines, buying banks. Breeds punishment and jealousy Charlie talked with Don Peterson, ASD compliance officer, 2 times today Second call with Peterson was 3 minutes ago Peterson said "things are moving fast, with attorneys, and this will be over fast. He will call Charlie when it is done. Charlie said for us not to worry. Blessing in disguise When complaints come in, and we come out clean The US attorney will discount the next complaints The US attorney seized the accounts, while investigating, which is their normal procedure. When nothing is found, they are unfrozen and we should be back up Monday or Tuesday. Charlie spoke with Michelle, in ASD Accounting. She said Nothing is wrong and things are great US Attorney wants to be sure we are compliant. Andy hired a 50 attorney firm to be sure we are always compliant.

Michelle said that we are compliant. Michelle said this same thing happened six months ago Another complaint.Michelle said we got cleared and back up to speed quickly Charlie also spoke with Judy Bowdoin, daughter in law of Andy. Judy was very emotional because she knows what an upstanding guy Andy is, and he does not deserve to be attacked, and could not understand why he was being attacked. Judy said he does not deserve this, Andy is in this to help people Andy would never do anything to hurt anyone.Charlie said we know why people are taking shots at him.People leaving their jobs and leaving other companies Andy has big goals for us wrote multimillion check to advertise at the Indy 500.Andy wants you to be there to recruit! You can say: "My company is in Indy 500, is yours?

This man has integrity he is not out to scam you or take your money No one is losing money here Everyone is making money You will remember these last few weeks When US attorney say what you have is gold you are going to have more recruits than you can imagine Andy, your mine integrity is on line Best decision you ever made More business experience than anyone on call. Andy does

People taking shots cause he has something really special Competitors out there, don't be greedy and hurt Andy.

He has given you the opportunity of a lifetime. Wed/Thur when this is all done No one hurt, no one lose dime Year from now, thank Andy maybe another conference call tomorrow. Stronger when all done.

We are behind Andy , we will be there for you. See you in Tulsa.

Right now, this is all we know and as always when we know more we will update.


Tom Zimmerman

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