Thursday, August 7, 2008

ASD and complaint

I would like to say that the complaint that was filed is a civil lawsuit against ASD. There has been no criminal charges filed because there is no proof of such allegations. Time will tell. I know that the advertising that I have done on the ASD website has definitely helped me get hits to this blog. That is according to my hit counter.

I think our Government becomes too meddlesome in our lives. They should keep out of our financial business. Everyone has a choice, no one has threatened anyone to join ASD. We do not need big brother to help us financially. They tried with Social Security and it is the biggest Legal Ponzi Scheme in the world. So than what determines legality? it's the same old story, there are some that are protected, and you and I are not!

that is my opinion, what is yours?

Thomas Zimmerman

I will have more information tomorrow.



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