Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spider Web Marketing Maximizes Tahitian Noni and Xango

I once knew a guy who did pretty well for himself through Tahitian Noni. But I know you've heard something like that before. Now, I'm always quite skeptical of all the amazing MLM testimonials about so and so who went from rags to riches and would like you to join his downline as soon as he returns from his month vacation in the Maldives. You should be skeptical too. But I actually was friends with this guy and saw it with my own eyes. No, there was not a 120 ft. yacht or private jet (although there was a nice ski boat), but he was doing pretty well.

A former Alaskan Hunting Guide, he became involved in the Tahitian Noni program, did quite well, and built a lovely home on the shore of the beautiful Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, Montana. (As an avid hunter, I'll toss in this personal aside: he also had twenty to thirty foot vaulted ceilings with some of the most impressive North American Big Game trophies I have ever seen adorning the walls. If Noni pays for that, sign me up.)

That said, you get the point. You can really, truly, honesty make some serious dollars in fruit-product MLMs such as Tahitian Noni or Xango. But are you? If you are, congratulations, I would recommend a ranch in Montana. But if you are not making the kind of money you're dreaming of, lets talk about it. Why not?

You may be the king of Xango-Mango-Noniness or whatever you're selling. There may be no one who loves it more, knows more about it, or sells it better than you. But you know what? My friend in Montana didn't make it big on product sales alone. He made it because he had an extensive downline of active distributors. And the distributors in his downline had extensive downlines of their own. And they had downlines, and so on... you've seen the charts. It sounds so simple, but how do you get to the top level of a multi-level marketing system?

The answer is leads. Its that magical word you hear so much. You've been to training seminars on how to get them, bought eBooks or lecture series on them, or maybe even paid for a cold list. But if your experience is anything like 95% of all others in MLM, it may not be working too well.

You're in a common spot. You've got a great product and all the enthusiasm in the world to make you wildly rich. You just need to find good solid leads to develop your downline. That's where The Spider Web Marketing System comes in as a perfect complement to maximize your venture in Tahitian Noni, Xango, or any other entrepreneurial business.

The product is a streamlined Internet marketing program created to bring in interested, quality leads and revenue with no additional effort on your part. Its based on what is called a funded proposal system, which uses the original funds to continue to perpetuate the leads and income that it generates. With only a (very) small investment (anything less than $50), the funded proposal system continually generates interested leads and builds your network, building upon itself and continually growing larger.

The interested leads are not just people who have accidentally stumbled across your website, either. These are people that actually sought out a chance to specifically become involved in your entrepreneurial business venture. They need you, and you need them. The Spider Web Marketing System is just the vehicle to bring everyone together.

The Spider Web Marketing System will bring leads to you. It's the perfect way to maximize your success in Noni, Xango, or any other business venture.

No matter what your business venture is, you need leads. You may have the best healthy, tasty, miracle beverage ever discovered since water, but you still need leads to help you build your network and bring in the serious money - the kind of money that builds huge trophy-filled lakeside homes.

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The Spider Web Marketing System

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