Monday, March 31, 2008

The Unfair Advantage

Dear Reader:

When Robert Frost quipped, "By working faithfully for eight
hours a day, you may get to be the boss and work 12 hours a
day," he wasn't too far off the mark for most people.

You can't control your future if someone else controls your
income. If the difference between making a living and
designing your life means something to you, if you're ready
to seize control of your life, then congratulations on
finding this site. Even if you love what you do, and have
plenty of free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, the
following information could vastly improve the quality of
your life,l i k e it already has for tens of thousands of
people just like you.

Most likely you are looking to tap into the trillions of
dollars being generated by the "New Economy", and I don't
blame you. Your computer now has enough power in it to
launch a small satellite into space, isn't it about time
you earned a small fortune with it?

But before we get started, I think I should let you know up
front that this is not a Get-Rich Quick Scheme or an effort
to get you to spend a lot of money. What it is about is
working smarter, not harder. Working smarter means working
a proven plan. With our proven plan, becoming a winner on
the Internet has never been easier.


What you are about to find out about is a legitimate home
based business, with a solid history of success. We have
real products, and because of the power & simplicity of our
system, even those with no previous experience are building
a part-time effort into an income of $300-$5,000 per month
within a short period of time. Best of all, you're already
doing what it takes to be successful!

Don't like to sell? No problem. Only 5 people out of every
100 enjoy selling. This system is for the 95 others!

Finally, a system where everyone can win, a simple system
that does it all. This is designed for your success.

The Most Sophisticated, Comprehensive Internet System, ever!

This systems finds prospects, follows up with them, makes
your presentations, signs them up in your business online
and then trains your new associate for you! Anyone can do
this w h i c h means massive duplication.

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Thomas Zimmerman

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