Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kidproof Homes Business-Another Home Business Idea

Site Build It!

What you can do here is set up a business in which you go into homes and conduct a troubleshooting session for parents who have young kids and babies.

The questions you would ask are obvious if they would endanger a child. Are the outlets exposed? What kind of chemicals are there around that a child could get into? Does the home have a pool? Is it protected or covered or fenced so a child cannot wander in and drown?

Does the house have a staircase or stairway, that a child could fall down?

You could offer to take care of the potential hazards and install special locks, clamps, etc. The parents know that the dangers loom in their home. All they want to do is keep their kids safe. It is your job to show them how that can be done.

You will have to make this a study and find out what steps you need to take to make every home safe for children. Ask parents with kids what they have done, and than do some investigating on your own.

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