Monday, February 18, 2008

Your Web Marketing Site

Site Build It!

What kind of website are you going to build? Will it be innovative with fancy artwork?

Whatever you build for your Web Marketing Site, should be simple and easy to navigate.

It seems that no matter how elaborate Internet Technology becomes,our favorite sites always comes down to the ones with the best information. Relevant content is the favorite type of sites that the search engine spiders just love to crawl.

Look at AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay. One of the many reasons,but probably the best reason that they are successful is because they are so easy to use. Yahoo, has very simple graphics and the interface is mostly text.People log on for their easy to use home page and its fast loading content. They understand that if you put too much junk on a page it loads a lot slower. People tend to be impatient with slow loading pages.

The real truth is, unless you are in the Tech world or Entertainment industry, people do not expect the very latest in web applications, heavy downloads, video or audio. The problem as mentioned above, the extras, just slow things down and get in the way of the strength of the website...Content!

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