Friday, February 8, 2008

What About E-Mail Newsletters? It's A Great Way To Advertise!

Have you ever thought of creating an E-mail list by offering an e-mail newsletter?

There is one thing that you must do if you want to have your subscribers stay on you list...You have to have an incentive for them.

You do not always have to give something away, but if you don't, you must have good content.

Some thoughts for keeping your subscribers:

  • Do you have a product or a service? Give information and ideas on how to use your product or service.
  • What Industry are you in? Do research on Industry experts and pass any Interviews on to your readers.
  • Everyone wants to hear of successful stories. List Them!
  • Give your readers an opportunity to comment/their feedback
  • A Question and Answer section is always a helpful idea.
  • Do you have any Industry Stats Or News? Include It!

There are a number of items that should not be included in your newsletter. Information about your company or history and other information, is just not useful to your readers. They just want to know how you can assist them. You will see it posted anywhere that people talk about blogs...that is regarding Great Content. Having great content is anything that will interest your readers. You have to capture attention very fast before your Newsletter winds up in the round file.

When writing an e-mailed newsletter pay attention to the content, length and frequency of publication is just a few of the items that have to be considered.

tomorrow let's discuss how long a newsletter should be.

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