Monday, February 11, 2008

Website Advertising And Marketing Made Easier

Here is a company That has made website marketing so simple that all you have to do is log into a private, members-only website—and there, at your fingertips, is everything you need to generate traffic, customers, sales and profits for your website

That's exactly what Market-It has created just for you. It appears to be a time-efficient way of promoting your website.

Market-It is A private website and according to the site, You receive only the most successful ways of marketing your website. Here's some of the quality promotional tools that I have found in their members area:

  • powerful online promotional tools
  • 7 submission wizards (including one that puts your search engine submissions on auto-pilot)
  • traffic blasters
  • 42 killer tutorials and downloadable e-books
  • 43 how-to videos
  • Press Release Submitter that uses one the world's largest press release distribution networks (PR Web™) to send your press release to over 100,000 journalists worldwide, as well as all the major media outlets—to get your website on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.
  • 84 instructional audios and interviews with marketing experts and people who have succeeded with their small business and home-based businesses—wherein they explain exactly what they did and how they did it
  • 9 website analysis tools (including search engine position analyzer, keyword popularity checker, site popularity analyzer, etc.)
  • 4 generators that automatically create doorway pages, meta tags, etc.
  • 7 promotion resources (including a directory of 153 e-zines that offer free ads; top searched keywords; press release template, etc.)
  • vital industry statistics and demographics
  • relevant news feeds pertaining to business, Internet, online marketing, virus warnings, etc.
  • utilities that make doing business on the Web a breeze

I have found everything that you need here to successfully market your website and at a cost of less than 1% of what it would cost you to buy all the contents separately. How much time and money would you save on marketing costs-- and how much traffic, customers, sales and profits would you generate as a result?

They also have a reseller program. If this sounds like something you would like to take a closer look at than here is more information;

Click Here For More Info.

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