Thursday, February 21, 2008

Subject Lines: Make Sure it's Accurate

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Most everyone knows that it is very important to have a compelling subject line if you want people to open your email. If You don't hook people by what your subject line says,odds are you just lost them.

A subject line in an email normally should be 50 characters or less, which would include the spaces. This will enable the reader to read the entire line without having to open the email. Most of the time if it is longer than that,
it will be truncated(cut off).

I will bet that you had the same experience that I have had with emails.The email subject line says one make you open it and than when you do, the content is totally unrelated to the Subject. Have you ever had that experience? Annoying as all get out isn't it?

That is something you just want to stay away from. You want them to open your email, but not at the risk of losing them. Just make sure the content equals the Subject.


Subject line: They Thought I Was Wasting My Time...

Opening line inside the e-mail was:

But 6 months later I was driving a Brand New Mercedes. Now they want in on how I did it, after they told me that(Blank blank business) will never work.

You get the point. Don't mis-lead people or they will ignore your next email

Email promoting is still one of the best ways to get people to look at your offer. Keep your subscribers by not deceiving them. your credibility depends on it.

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