Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Home Inventory Business

You probably heard of the brush fires that we had here in California. Elsewhere people have suffered thorough tornadoes, and horrible storms and a lot of other disasters. Think of how important it is to keep a good inventory of all possessions. I know when a brush fire approached my home this past October 2007, I was not prepared. It does make you think and face reality that you were not prepared.

Insurance companies as you may know or not, require documentation and proof before they start compensating a homeowner for any losses. You can do this with a digital camera, video camera or even a polaroid camera along with a laptop computer.

You will be documenting and recording everything your client owns. Next step is to organize your recordings into a written and photo/video report.

Go online and see what other services are charging for as a Home Inventory Business.

Oh, by the way, I was fortunate and did not suffer any loss due to the brush fires... Thank God! I now have a list of and digital camera documentation of all my valuables.

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