Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take A Look At This Business!

The Middle class is being attacked! The trend is firmly entrenched with the outsourcing of good paying jobs.

customer support,airlines phone sales counters, etc. going to India and other similar countries Good paying blue caller jobs in the US are declining with manufacturing moving to China, Mexico and other countries. At home jobs like construction, landscaping, farm labor, hotel services, etc. are being filled by illegal aliens. So where does that leave us? In the middle fighting to maintain our life style.

Gas prices are soaring. The cost of living is on the rise. The value of the US dollar is dropping. Most of us in the middle class are burdened by crushing debt. And to make it worse we are being attacked from all sides! We can blame ourselves. When was the last time you went shopping for clothes? Did you check the labels? Everything is from China, not the USA like it was not so long ago. And I bet you pay for everything with your credit cards.

Speaking of credit cards, we are guilty of buying ourselves into debt. This is part of the problem. Your home, your auto, your boat, etc. are all owned by the bank and you make payments every month from your shaky income to maintain this debt. By the way, if you own your home it is not an asset unless you are renting it out and not living in it, and if you are refinancing your home as the equity increases to pay off debt, you are following the fool's pursuit.

Even though the United States has the most advanced medical industry in the world, it is expensive and medical insurance for the average family of four is over $1000 over month. But nationalizing our health care is not the answer. And you can bet that taxes will rise considerably if the Democrats take control the presidency as well as the house, and you are the one the taxes will rise for. And as taxes rise you can also expect the local job market will shrink as well.

So what are you going to do?

The rich (anyone making over $500,000 per year) will hardly be effected. There is a reason for this. The rich do things differently than the poor and middle class do, and you don't have to be rich to learn what they do, and by learning and applying this new mind set. you will find yourself gaining the same advantages they do and actually begin to build wealth instead of debt.

Find out why the rich pay far less taxes, how they make their money work for them instead of working for money. How they protect their assets and build additional wealth. When you discover these principle and apply them to your life, you will see your life and finances make a major turn for the better. When these principles are applied you will no longer fear for your job.

By joining Sohomatic, you will have access to this information and learn how to apply it to your particular situation.

I have and here is an example of how I took a $1300 a month expense and turned it into profit. Several years ago I was paying $900 per month to finance my RV as well as another $400 a month to store it in covered storage in a nearby storage facility. I only use it 2 or 3 times a year.

With this new mindset, I went out and found an RV rental store and discovered that they would store my RV for free and use it in their inventory of rentals. By doing this they split what they rent it out for with me. On the average I receive a check from them every month for $1500.00. I have turned that liability into and asset that makes me around $7000.00 per year and I still get to use the RV whenever I want to. I have taken that income and used it to pay the RV's mortgage down as well so my monthly mortgage on that RV is now below $500 per month.

Plus I get to write off all the costs of the RV against my income when I pay taxes. Brilliant isn't it? Speaking of taxes, because I also own my own little business now, I have cut my taxes by more than %50!

Are you interested now? There is no cost for joining. But the benefits are huge!

Thomas Prendergast CEO, Inc.
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