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Locating Profitable Markets by Charles Heflin

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Since this Blog is about Internet Income 4 Beginners, I thought the Article below by Charles Heflin should be great content for anyone that is determined to start an Internet business.

I have mentioned and displayed links on this site regarding PPP(Pay Per Play)advertising. Charles Heflin does training for those wishing to promote PPP. This would include yours truly.

I feel Charles has a lot of great things to say about making money online and you should be made aware of it.

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Now Let's Get Started With Locating Profitable Markets;

You should never go on guessing o the advice of someone else in order to determine if a market will be profitable.

Jumping into a new market blind is the worst mistake you can make for your business. Many aspiring webmasters fail because they jump into a new market based on their own reasoning. They also fail because they follow bad advice.

Locating profitable markets is easy to do because they are so abundant. There are literally millions of profitable niche markets to get involved in. 90% of those profitable markets are easy to dominate within a few weeks.

While it is easy to dominate (own a major share of traffic) most online markets it is not so easy to determine the projected profitability of one market over another, unless you have some specialized knowledge.

The goal of this report is to give you that specialized knowledge so that you can begin exploring and finding your next online venture. If you already have an online business then this will be a good way for you to explore new markets for the purpose of building your business.

In order to locate a profitable market you need to:

Locate sources of market ideas & uncover markets that have more action (competitors).

Determine which keywords have the highest PPC (Pay Per Click) cost within the vertical market.

Determine the estimated organic traffic that each of those keywords receive.

Multiply the PPC cost by the total traffic to get the estimated "wealth" of the market.

Now I will break each one of the points above down and show you why they matter.

Locate Sources of Market Ideas & Uncover Action Markets...
Market research is the difference between making pennies or making a fortune. If you are a beginner or are just looking to expand into new markets then you first have to seek a source of inspiration.

If you already have some ideas in your mind then you are one step ahead of this one. This is the first step if you have "no idea" where to start.

Use the following websites to find ideas for markets to explore:

The Yahoo Directory

Google Checkout

PayPal Stores

You can visit any of the websites above and comb through their directories to find a market that looks interesting to you. Interest is all you need to move into the next step.

The websites above have years of experience that tell them what is most interesting to their visitors and how to categorize those interests into large groups & then break those groups down into niches or sub-markets.

Looking at the Yahoo Directory (for example) you can dig into any category and can quickly discover which sub-category has more listings. Each listing has the number of listing within the sub-category listed next to it.

Sub-categories with more listings are an indicator of wealth. In other words the more listings there are the more money there is to support those listings.

This leads us into a vital piece of information.

"The more listings there are in a sub-category, the more money there is in that market."

This is especially true in the Yahoo Directory because each listing is paying $299 per year (at the time of this writing) for a listing there. The theory holds that if there were not already an element of success then a business would not consider paying this fee.

While this is not true some of the time, the majority of the time it is. In essence the Yahoo directory is one indicator that you could use to find a sub-market or niche to explore further.

Used with other indicators you can quickly hone in on a market that has "action". Action is what you want but not just any action... You also need sales.

How can you determine if there is money in a market?
In order to see if there is money in a market you need to see how much is being paid on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis on a broad snapshot of keywords in the market.

The more that is being paid by advertisers on a PPC basis, the wealthier the market is. What makes a market wealthy?


That's right, it is proven that the more that is being spent on advertising in a market, the more money that market is making from customers.

There are thousands and thousands of wealthy markets and niches online. Use the websites above to find them and then use tools to uncover 100 of the most popular keywords in the market you are exploring.

Wealthy markets are abundant. Now it is a simple matter of determining which market to focus on. Looking at PPC prices being paid across the most popular 100 keywords in a market is the first step in determining its wealth.

The next step is...

Determine how much traffic each keyword gets organically. Organic is another word for natural or free search engine listings. How much traffic does each of those 100 keywords get?

Once you get these numbers then for each keyword you multiply the estimated organic clicks per day by the estimated PPC cost that is paid for each keyword (on average). This will give you you an accurate ballpark figure to determine the wealth of one market over another.

How to calculate the wealth of a market...
Now that I have revealed how to determine the wealth of one market over another, I need to actually show you how to do it. Following are links to articles that will uncover this process step-by-step:

Estimating market profitability using free tools

Appraising a market before jumping in

More on Finding profitable markets...
The Ebay method for locating hot selling physical products (coming soon)

The Click Bank method for locating good selling digital products and services (coming soon)


There is a great abundance of wealthy markets, sub-markets (niches) online. In this report I have given you some easy ways to locate these markets and determine which ones are more wealthy than others.

I always inform my readers that "wealth" should not be the only factor that you use to make a choice of what to go after. You should also consider your INTEREST in that market.

If you have no interest in a market other than the prospect of tapping its wealth then you are headed for trouble. It is extremely hard to dominate a market that you find boring. If you are bored you won't do well because you will try to cut corners. When you cut corners it shines through to your visitors. Your visitors will always seek authority. If you are bored then your visitors will quickly find somewhere else to go. This is a fact.

Seek a market based on Interest and then wealth. The more interested you are, the more ideas you will have and the better content you will produce. You will engage your visitors and they will buy from you.

Seek your passions...

Many beginners struggle to find a place to start. While the tools and methods outlined in this report are a great way to find wealthy markets you still need to figure out what interests you.

Following is a tutorial that is designed to uncover your hidden passions so that you can use those passions to discover wealthy markets within them.

Discover Your Passions...

The easiest path to making money online is to discover your passions first. With your passions in mind you will have a great filter to decide whether or not to go with one market or another.

Many people fail on the Internet because they get involved in a market or niche that is of no interest to them.

If you don't have an interest in what you are doing then you will become bored very quickly. If you become bored then you will eventually fail because you won't give it your all.

The following questions are designed to get your brain working so that you can discover interests and passions that you may have never know you had. Once you discover your interests and passions then seek online markets and niches using our market research tutorials so you can discover areas that you can profit from your passions and interests.

To discover your interests and passions, spend some time contemplating the answers to the following...

When you're not worried about “making money” what do you spend your time doing or thinking about?

What are the last 5 non-money making related books that you read? -- and why?

What are the last 5 non-money making related magazines that you read? -- and why?

Look in the Internet History section of your web browser. What are the last 100 non-money making related websites that you visited? -- and why?

What non-money making related websites have you bookmarked? -- and why?

If you had 20 billion dollars and never had to worry about money again, what would you do with your time?

Look at your desk and around at your office. What non-work related things are there? - and why?

What do you usually talk about with your friends?

How did you meet your non-work related friends?

What social groups (online or offline) do you belong to?

What kind of non-money making email lists do you subscribe to?

What would you do on your ideal vacation?

If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? -- and why?

These are just a few basic questions you need to ask yourself. Most people who know what their passion is are sitting on a million dollar idea. Perhaps you already know your passion so the secret to a million (or multi million) dollar pot of gold is simply market research, web mechanics and your passion to see it through.

This is not speculation. It is 100% true.

The problem with making money is -- most people are not passionate about making money. They're passionate about other things, but at the same time, worry about making money.

These feelings become twisted up together, and many people become confused. They start to think they're passionate about making money. So they continue to find roadblocks and obstacles along their constantly shifting paths.

In one’s (false) passion to make money they continuously feed that .money making passion.. They continue seeking new ways to .make money. and they find them. One way to make money leads to other ways to make money and so on.

As long as you continue to .seek. money it WILL elude you. I promise!
Money making is not real!

Providing quality products and services to people is real & that always leads to money! Money is an expression of appreciation from one person to another. Expressions of appreciation do not exist without people.

If you try to make money,. you're in for a long and fruitless ride.

Instead, please people within a subject matter you are passionate about, You'll never grow tired of growing your business and your business income will grow as a natural result.

Most people fail to make a living online because they're not truly passionate about the path they're on, so they quickly lose interest or quit altogether.

Find your passion, stay the course and your prosperity will find you. Unfortunately, most people never take the time. It takes time to gain specialized knowledge through education and then market research.

Your monetary reward is always directly proportionate to your contribution to humanity. Your contribution to humanity is rewarded with money. You can not make more money than other people are willing to give you in exchange for a genuine product or service.

I'm planting this seed in your mind for now. I want you to begin discovering things that interest you because this is where you can contribute genuinely in exchange for money.

I also want you to understand that you will need to discover your passion to become truly wealthy from an online business, or any business for that matter.

- Charles Heflin

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