Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Audio Advertising Appropriate For All Sites?

One of the biggest questions that we get is...

Won't audio ads scare away visitors to my website?

The answer is no, we have been testing this system
successfully for 2 1/2 years. Complaints are rare
because the ad is contextually related to the web
page on which audio ads are played.

As a website owner you need to choose which pages
in your website are appropriate for audio advertising.
We agree that audio ads are not appropriate for all

We give you the power to choose where audio ads play.
Further, audio ads are only heard one time by your
visitor so they will not get bombarded with one ad
after another.

We already have a few millionaires in the making
because they have referred this opportunity to
bigger players in the industry. Others have set
themselves up with huge residual income opportunities
by referring hundreds or even thousands of people
into this opportunity.

Remember, there is no cost to join and it costs
nothing for your referrals to join.

This is a limited time opportunity... Will you
take a few moments to inform your contacts so
that you can reap residual rewards from their
effort for years to come?

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