Friday, January 11, 2008

How To Make The Best Use Of Your Time

When it comes to a Home Business or whenever you start a new project, you should lay out a schedule, detailing each activity you must complete. Let's call this a Project log. This project log ensures two things:

1. That no essential activity will be forgotten, and
2. That each job gets done in sequence and, it is done on time.

The Project Log will also help you in planning future home business or Internet Income making projects by providing you with a realistic idea of how long each activity will take, based on your past experience.

First you will need a name for your project with the starting date and the Target Completion Date.

So, on one line we will have what is scheduled with a column for start and column for finish. Next to that will be the Actual start and Finish Columns. To the right of these columns you enter the Activity and on the right margin you can put the title "Done" and check off the date that you did so.

If anyone wants me to email them how this finished product should look, get in touch with me by leaving your comment and email address. I will be happy to send you a copy. Not only will this help you for any home business it does just as well for an Internet business.

Tomorrow we will determine how to calculate the cost of your promotions.

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