Thursday, January 10, 2008

How To Choose The Optimum Project (contn'd)

Ok, I named most of the criteria that should be relevant to your money making project yesterday.

If you have any other criteria you would like to use to create an internet income or a work from home opportunity, you might want to weigh some more factors.There are factors that could create a problem or not. For example, if you have little money to start with, capital requirements could be the determining factor in your decision and, or, if your time is limited because of full time employment elsewhere, factors (1) and (2) or factor (6) might be the most significant factors and carry the greatest weight.

Once you have assigned number values to all the categories, add them up. The project with the highest total should be given first priority in your plans on how to proceed in your most profitable market(s) Generally, it is this one project which will allow you to make optimum use of your time and resources.

Now you can let these determining factors help you choose which projects to pursue first, but don't let it be the sole determining factor. It should supplement your own intuitive judgment, not replace it.

Tomorrow we will get into how to make best use of your time

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