Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Have you Kept A Database Of Your Customers?(contd)

Continued from yesterday:

Now that you have your Database how do you organize it?

The least difficult thing to do would be to have a bundle of 3"x5" index cards. Now, this depends on how large of a customer base that you have or if you rather have it all automated.

For those that want to automate their business, due to customer volume and the products or services that need to be handled, this choice would be the best. Since we are living in a computer age, software and computers(hardware) are really inexpensive now days.

Can you remember when(computers) they were huge and cumbersome? We sure have come a long way in this field. The bottom line is, anyone that cannot afford the software or hardware for this particular job, probably should not be in business anyhow.

There are a lot of software databases, you might want to do a search engine on this to find out which one would best fit your needs. The only thing that you have to know is; what type of Operating system that you have. Windows, a Mac. Or?

The bottom line to Database Marketing is to ask your customer what they want or need and to facilitate the acquisition of that product or service before your competition beats you to the punch.

The old rule of KISS(keep it simple stupid) still applies. don't make this an issue, just get it done. Your customer is waiting! You can use those index cards, if a computer makes things too difficult for you.

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