Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Every Person In Business Needs To Advertise

Reasons business people need to advertise.

Advertising is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them. When you advertise your product or service you are looking to create a major "phase” of overall product or service development and management. Ultimately we are talking about supply finding and "creating" demand for your business.

Advertising is “the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. It (advertising) is and has always been effective. It does not matter whether or not you click on an advertisement or not. The most important part, is the BRANDING (repetitive advertising) of your product or service

One method to make your advertising successful is to target a particular audience to build awareness of what the advertiser has to offer. When we talk about Online advertising we are talking about a form of advertising that uses the Internet and World Wide Web in order to deliver marketing messages and attract customers. The three most common ways in which online advertising is purchased are CPM, CPC, and CPA. CPA (Cost per Action) or (Cost per Acquisition) advertising is performance based and is common in the affiliate marketing sector of the business. Similarly, CPL (Cost per Lead) advertising is identical to CPA advertising and is based on the user completing a form, registering for a newsletter or some other action that the merchant feels will lead to a sale. Also common, CPO (Cost per Order) advertising is based on each time an order is transacted.

Before you learn more about advertising, you should get a basic impression of what advertising is. What media is most practical for you to use in terms of access and affordability (the amount spent on advertising is often based on the revenue expected from the product or service, that is, the sales forecast). It has been recognized for some time now that 10% of your revenue from your sales or service should be invested in advertising.

"The aggregate effect of advertising is to bring about wide sharing of tastes. The actual social function of advertising is not to mold taste in any particular way, nor to debase it. But for many marketers, media advertising is a shotgun. However, doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. "If commerce is the engine of our economy, then advertising is the spark. Years ago someone said that under spending in advertising is like buying a ticket halfway to Europe.

"The most common trouble with advertising is that it tries too hard to impress people. "While it may be true that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, never lose sight of the fact it also can be the worst advertising. Internet advertising is new, so it's not trusted the way traditional advertising is. Ultimately all the other things we discuss when we discuss effective advertising is driving toward making it credible enough that the recipient takes action on it. Traditional advertising is paying a lot of money to keep trained monkeys thinking that things aren't going to change.


Since the Internet is an emerging force regarding advertising and now in particular pay per Play advertising as an emerging possible behemoth, there are many that believe Television and radio advertising Executives are showing concern. When is the last time that you really like to have watched a television commercial? We could probably find most people in the kitchen making popcorn or getting a drink until the commercial ended and than we were back to the show, or football game etc. Now with the event of TVO, we can record our show and skip the commercials. You don't think that has television executives concerned?

The ones (commercials) that are played at the Super bowl are fun and most people look forward to watching them. However, at the cost Super bowl commercial commands, you have to be one of the giants to afford it. So effective advertising has to command a large enough audience and/or be repeated time and time again. That is why this author is under the opinion that every business has to set aside money to advertise. However, the question is where do they advertise and with whom do they advertise?

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